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Aaron ran and ran. She ran in circles and around more circles. She told herself she was running to be free, but she was lying to herself so she stopped saying it.

Up, up, up, she ran and up, up, up, she went.

Wind whistled around her ears and the ground trembled as she passed through. Behind her she could her the pitter-patter of the newly christened fox pup who couldn't stand on her own two feet let alone run. She could hear the yips and yaps as the pup tried to keep up but failed drastically. Sara had four left feet when it came to shifting and so far she could only shift into one animal, which Aaron was glad of. She didn't know how she'd deal with a bird flapping around her head instead of a fox biting her heels.

Aaron slid to a stop at the top of the hill she ran up. Staring down she could see Minas Tirith, shinning a bright white in the dying sun; a beacon of Men; a beacon of hope. She looked away and to the crashing waves of the Bay of Belfalas that she could just see from her perch. The Sundering Seas flowed from there and outward.

Pulling back from the waters, Aaron crouched and raised her snout to the rising moon. She released a howl that pierced the earth with a fierce determindation, and an even more determind exclaimation that made every animal shiver. Every man that heard her call, prepared to someday meet her. And every canon echoed her call:

The Wolf of Darkness was back.

And she was free.

And she was hunting once more.

>>>>~~~~~>The END<~~~~~<<<<

The shortest Epilogue the world has ever seen has been published. And I can now check off this book as completed. Hip-hip hooray for me!!!

I know some people are saying that they're crying and I'm really bad at conforting them, but I want to say that this has to be one of the best adventures I have ever been on. And I am very proud to have started it.

I started it, and now I end it, but you guys, you guys are what kept it goin'. Thank you so much for all the support, you have no idea how wonderful all those uplifting comments are. I love hearing what ya'll think and all those edits are just so helpful. :P

You guys are the best.

Thanks again,


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