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  "No weapons." Andrea stated as she met his gaze evenly, her tone showing that she was completely serious as she spoke. The soldier was silent for a moment as he stared at her before giving a swift nod. Andy then moved forward, ducking beneath the arm he swung out at her before turning and giving him a hard push to the back. He stumbled forwards, but quickly turned and grabbed Andy, pushing her towards the edge of the platform and causing her to almost slide off completely.

  Andrea turned and went to grab the chip, but saw that it had already fallen below. She cursed, turning around only to have a metallic hand suddenly wrap itself around her neck. Andy choked for breath and brought her fist to the soldiers nose in a quick blow. It wasn't enough to break it, but it was hard enough to cause blood to begin gushing down the lower half of his face. 

  The male let go of Andy in surprise and, before he could recover, she ran behind him and turned, kicking him over the edge of the platform. The brunette safely jumped down after him, looking around for Steve as she ran towards the chip. "Where the hell are you, Steve." Andrea seethed into her comms device as she reached down to pick up the chip.

  However, before she could grab onto it, the frisbee of freedom came flying towards her, hitting her in the back and causing her to hit the ground hard. Steve must have dropped it before he left while I was trying to insert the chip, the brunette thought to herself, cursing the blond for his inability to keep his shield. Andy quickly recovered, grabbing said shield and protecting herself from the bullets that the Winter Soldier shot at her.

  As he stopped for a moment to reload the gun, Andy threw the shield back towards him only for it to be blocked by the soldiers metal arm. He ran towards her, the knife that Andrea had knocked away from him before now clutched tightly in his hands. Andrea tried to dodge every stab and slice he made at her, but he was fast and she was lacking energy.

  Then, before Andy knew it, he had brought the knife down and into her shoulder, digging it into her with all his strength. She screamed in pain and brought her head forward, head-butting him and making him loosen his grip and stumble back. Andy kicked him away and pulled the knife out of her shoulder, ignoring the ruby blood that now stained the once clean, metallic surface of the blade.

  The blood from her new wound spilled out fast, but the adrenaline inside of Andrea helped lessen the pain. She looked towards the soldier and watched as he reached for the chip, her eyes widening. She raced forwards and growled, grabbing onto his arm and using her other hand to grab his neck. She lifted his body up with all the strength she had before slamming him over her shoulder, threatening to break his arm if he so much as moved wrongly.

  "Drop it!" She yelled, pushing on his arm and causing him to grunt in pain. But, he still refused to let go and Andy forced herself to push harder. She ignored the sickening crack and the cry of pain that resounded soon after. Guilt rushed through her. but he still refused to let go and Andy fell back. She wrapped her legs around his metal arm before wrapping her arms around his neck.

  He struggled to free himself, but Andy only tightened her grip on his neck. She forced herself to ignore the burning guilt within her and the ache in her chest as she did so. Finally, his eyes fluttered closed and he became unconscious, the chip falling out of his hands. Andrea let out a breath of relief before quickly grabbing the chip and running forward, jumping up and grabbing onto the upper platform.

  But, as she was climbing, a gun shot was heard and a searing pain cut through her leg. Andy cried out, but continued to move forward, bringing herself over the railing and dodging all the other bullets that were shot her way. Andy opened the rack and prepared to place the chip inside only to freeze as one last shot was heard. She looked down, seeing a deep red beginning to stain the lower half of her shirt.

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