My Life So Far....

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Beep!Beep! Sirens flashing! My mind racing! All I could say was Great! Another episode of Great disasters had finished! I was living in a great luxery society where I was rich and had every thing I could possibly wish for: clothes, dresses, phones and many more. Until this dreadful day! where my father and mother died in a car crash! That day was terrible.....All I could say was why! Why does this have to happen? This was the words that had happened to come out of my mouth. All this mind blowing questions poping in and out of my head. Who will take care of me?How will I survive? I need a relative?

I quickly ran upstairs to my mother and father's room trying to search for a distinctive relative that I could stay with. I went through the large briefcases searching......searching........searching.....BINGO! I had found another relative but the only problem was..........America! They lived in America and that was so far away from Australia . Did I even have the money? I searched through more briefcases find duplicate credit and debit cards. I thought to my self " I will need it!" I packed my suitcase and all the things I needed but something inside told me not to but I had no choice it was to save my famiy's reputation. That was all I could say.

Chapter 2

I rushed in my room to retrive my laptop ...checking for the next flight. Tommorow! My flight was tommorow. Oh well , that gave me a chance to pack all my things.

Woke up! Tired, and not ready to get up but I had to. Dialled a cab, and it came around 6:00 my flight was 6:30! YES! I was in a hurry but I had to make it!

I was on the areoplane. It took 6 hours. It was really boring! But there was this 16 year old named Chantelle. She was really nice. She was from Australia she was visiting her cousins. She seemed so nice I told her about Problem! She felt bad for me! Later on, we came off the aeroplane. Chantelle insisted that I should come over to see if her cousin could help.

Chantelle's cousin was actually nice .  Her name was Melissa. She was a medium heighted lady with brown hair and hazel eyes; she was beautiful for her age. She offered to help me with the search. She had heard my story and was willing to help. They were heart warming and were hospitalized. They were ready to set me to a good school. They were even willing to make me their child until I found my relative.

Chapter 3

Melissa was really nice.She  let me start a new school called Peyton High School. Well I was starting to be really close to her and she made me feel at home ever since I was the last of the Washington Family. Melissa gave me a lot of money took care of me besides she doesn't have any children any way.

The Next day, I was starting school and I went into the Bathroom to brush my teeth and got dressed, I wore a blue body con dress, with a black biker jacket , blue air Max's with a pile of foundation and black mascara and ruby red lip stick and put my light brown hair down.I know it was the first day of school but you have to make a good impression. Melissa  bought me a Red Ferrari and we both went shopping at the Mall many times. She treated me like her own child and took me in as part of the family.

I drove all the way to Peyton High School. Loads of people looked at me. I guess it was because of the car. I parked near these Boys they we're obviously checking out my ride.

I came out of my car, with my shades on . As , I came out the Boys were gobsmaked and couldn't believe what just came out of the car. I walked towards the reception only to be stopped by a boy with curls and he was good looking but I kept that to my self.

Him : " hi you new?"

Me: " course seen me around before?

Him: " no but it's nice seeing you around and by the way my name is Trey..... Trey Young

Me: " ok, thanks see ya around.

As I walked away I felt a feeling like people were looking at me. Trey was even looking even he's friends. So I walked even quicker. I walked towards the reception and this lady gave me my lessons and locker number and key. I walked towards my locker I could hear a lot of whispers and I wasn't surprised. The school bell rang and I walked to my first lesson. English! As , I stepped into the class all eyes dawned on me. I was even shocked my self cause Trey and he's friends were in the same class. I was greeted by the teacher .... Miss White. She offered me a seat near Trey. I had no choice any way. I walked over to my seat.

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