Chapter 1

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"Hay, come down here."
"Yeah mom."
"Pack your stuff, were going somewhere."
So let me introduce myself.
I'm Hailey Rose Cole aka Hal.
I'm 18.
We arrive at this gigantic house.
"Wow, mom, what is this place?"
"This is your new house."
"Oh my gosh mom!"
"Wait you said your not our new house."
"Yes Hailey, your not living with me anymore."
9 extremely hot boys walked out.
"Hey Hailey Cole, right."
"Yeah um mom who are these very hot boys?"
"You will be living with them."
She got in the car, grabbed my bag, and threw it out of the car.
My glass bear my dad got me when I was little smacked the ground.
"Are you serious mom?"
She grabbed the rest of my bags and threw them, too.
She shut the door and drove away.
Before she made it down the drive way she said, "Oh yeah your a sex slave."
I ran after the car but she was already gone.
I started to cry when I felt an arm wrap around my waist.
I looked up and this guy with blue eyes and brown hair had the biggest smile on his face.
"I'm Nash."
"You already know who I am."
"Let's go inside and relax."
We walked in and he handed me a list of names.
Monday- Nash
Tuesday- Jack J
Wednesday- Hayes
Thursday- Matt
Friday- Cameron
Saturday- Free day
Sunday- Jack G

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