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Today's the day I start working for 5sos. I'm nervous and excited, but who wouldn't be.

"Sabrina, here's the address you'll be going to. Tour starts tomorrow, I love you, and your dad and I will miss you!" My dad says, almost about to cry. Yes, I have gay parents it's actually a fun life.

I drive to the address and it's a restaurant, so I decided to keep my bags in the car while I go in.

I go up the hostess, to ask if she knows anything.

"Hi, im looking for, uhhh, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood or Ashton Irwin, whichever one works,"

"Sabrina?" The hostess questions me.

"That's me," I retort.

"Right this way," she smiles and leads me to the back of the restaurant.

"Ah, hi, Sabrina," Dave greets and moves over giving me a place to sit.

"Boys, this is Sabrina, she's your new body guard, along with me,"

A chorus of hi's are given to me and I'm not ready for this so i just put my head in my heads.

"Is there something wrong?" Ashton asks me, concerned.

"Well, I'm a fan, and stuff, and I know that I'm supposed to be protecting you from fans, but I can't help myself. I'm trying not to freak out, but give me a few days and I'll be fine,"


"Aw, she's cute," Michael says, way louder than he should've.

"So why are you guys sitting all the way on the back?" I question them all.

"Fans. Tour starts here tomorrow and they're looking for us everywhere," like says shyly.

"I'm sorry I just love you guys so much, so I'll be back in a sec, to calm myself down," I smiled and got up and walked to the bathroom.

"What the fuck Sabrina," I say to myself,"calm your shit, they're probably creeped the fuck out,"

And with that, I talked out of the bathroom back to the table.

"Sorry," I apologize.

"It's okay," Luke laughs,"usually fans are worse, screaming and crying, the whole bit,"

"Yeah," I awkwardly laugh, "so what do you want me to do?"

"Well, you have to basically act like a friend, or a girlfriend, whatever the guys want you to do. Act normal basically. The fans will start a riot if they know that a young, cute girl like you is working for them," Dave says.

"Accurate, can't say I'm not one of those fans," I state, "look I'm being honest, I'm a fan and I'm not going to deny it and start off by lying. Had I known I would be working for my favorite band and living with them for months I could've prepared myself. So there will be weird freak out fan moments that may slip out of my brain so y'all are gonna' have to bare with me."

"We get it," Calum laughs, "if we were working for atl or blink we would be the same, so I guess we understand. Although it's kind of nice not having to introduce ourselves. You know we're weird and crazy and people usually look at us weird for that. But our fans our just so accepting and I really do love you guys."

"Awwww," I say, then immediately regret it, "right, sorry."

We order our food and continue to talk about random stuff for the rest of the dinner.

"Well, I sure had a nice time. Is the tour bus here?" I ask.

"No, it's at the venue, but our suv is so feel free to put your bags in there," Dave replies.

"Okay," I smile.

We walk outside and it's cold. Ashton gives me his jacket and walks beside me, to cover the chilly breeze.

"Thanks," I smile at him, putting on the jacket, "are you sure?"

"Yeah, ladies first."

"You guys are even nicer in person is this even possible?"

"I don't know why people think were so nice anyways. Were assholes to each other's and stuff yet people still think that, I don't know."

"Because you guys are real to your fans. It's always about the fans and how you act towards them. You have amazing personalities, not to mention you guys are fucking adorable, what more do you want from someone? I'm sorry, but I know you're not perfect but I and your fans don't care."

"Thanks. That's really sweet."

"Well, I feel like someone should be able to tell you in person. I mean honestly, a fan has never been able to tell you that because they don't get the time of day, you feel? It sucks. I never thought I'd meet you let alone live with you."

"Well, here we are. Thanks for the fan insight."

"Anytime, Irwin. I'm happy to show you anything whenever you want," I say and grab my stuff from my car and bring it to the SUV.


aw idk this is longer than my normal chapters so yeah. probably won't update til the weekend or Tuesday bc exams ya feel ok bye ily.

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