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*Leon pov*

I sore that violet (violetta) fell after i tripped her up. I get a really wied feeling as if i was feeling guilty it's probrbly not that to prove it i'll do something to her. After that i'll really have to go couse the guys will kill me for beeing late." Leon sins when do you care if you late what happened to you idiot."

*End of leons pov*

*vilu pov*

I see that Leon turned anround and he's coming in my diraction again. What does he want from me? Is he going to hurt me? Or worse! I couldn't move my leg was in a lot of pain i already hate this school. The next thing I realise is that Leon was stood infront of me with that annoying smirk. He starts to kick me, it hurts so much my stumarch I can't stand the pain any more.

me: Leon......please....... stop- i plead but he didn't stop the kicks just got worse.

Leon: princesses i do what I want when I want and with who I want so you can't just tell me to stop and expect me to stop.

why is there no one to stop him? Is everyone scared of him or something?I don't get this. then he bends down and hovers over me. what is he gonna do punch me or something.

----------------------------------------Time skip

It's been a whole day I've made two freinds camila and francesca.Now I've got one last lesson left angie came in and right behind here there was Leon.

Angie: Okay class today we are starting the project you guys have to work in pairs. I'm gonna choose them so here they go
maxi and andres
brodway and naty
fede and ludmila
Leon and violetta

what no angie can't do that to me. i really can't work with him.

me: angie can we change partners I really don't want to work with l- I start but Leon cut me of.

Leon: come on princesses everything will be fine angie there's no need to change partners.

Angie:Violetta what do you say?-she asked being worried.

me: yeah leons write I'll be fine with him- I do a fake smile.

class is over and Leon comes up to me I can't stop looking at his eyes there so beautiful then i notice that I was staring and that he was staring at me.

Leon: hello princesses you come over to my tonight will start the song then. what do u want to do it bout?

me:1.FIRT OF ALL STOP CALLING ME PRINCESSES 2. I DONT KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE - and then he cut me of before I could say anything else.

Leon:1. here's my number text me and after I get your noumber I'll send you the address 2.sorry for this morning- did he just really apologies to me what the hell happened to the dude that beat me up this morning

so do you like it guys. what do you think violetta will say to Leon? do you think he changed. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJORTINIFOREVER

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