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Sergio pov

So her boyfriend is Álvaro my ex team mate and good friend. It's just weird, not that i'm not happy for him but these last couple hour she seemed so interesting i just wanted to find her out.

But for respect, i should take some distance because i wouldn't like it either if someone or specially my friend is trying hit on my girl.

'Why is it uncover?' I asked to kill the silence and me being curious.

'Because we're trying to make this work, without press, media and hysteric fangirls around us.'

I nod and looked out of the window. Trying to avoid eye contact.

'How long?'

'3 months.'

'Oh nice.'

'I know you two are good friends. Sometimes he tells me the most craziest stories about you guys. He had an amazing time at real.'

'We also miss him very much.'

'But he plays with you at the Spanish team, so that's good.'

I nod.

'The third test is going to begin.' The voice returned.

'Uggh, what now?' She mumbled.

'We're going to test your bloodpressure. '

'Is that the test and why?'

'Because we want to see the bloodpressure after the test you two did earlier.'

'How do you want to test our bloodpressure?'

The door went open and two men appeared. They had a mask that covered their whole face. One of the two walked to me and one to Isabella but she took a step back.

'It's ok, we only want your blood.' The men said to Isabella.

He took her arm and let her sit on the floor. I had to do the same and he took my arm. When the needle went into my skin, my whole body shocked a little.

'You want to test our bloodpressure, but why are you taking my blood?' I said.

'Because we don't do it the way like doctors.' The voice said.

'No, you do it like psychos.' Isabella mumbled. Both of them chuckled. 'You're always complaining.' Said the men that stood by Isabella.

'She has every right to complain.' I said. His face turned to me and he chuckled again. They did a band aid over the place where they put the needle and packet their things.

'Now you are her lawyer.' He said and walked away with the guy that also took my blood.

'They are really watching us.' She whispered to me.

'Because you two are very entertaining.' One of the men said and they closed the door. Yet again, we both are still trapped and together alone.

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