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Sergio pov

I did some tricks with the ball and saw Isabella's eyes on me. 'You want the ball, or do you want me?' I smirked. 'I want the ball.' She said.

'Wrong choice.'

'Excuse me?' She snorted.

'Just kidding.'

'Yeah right.' She rolled her eyes and I gave her the ball. She did some tricks on the ball, and she isn't bad. Not at all, she's very good. Her contact and the control with the ball was amazing, it's like she has magnet on her feet.

'Do I need to learn you Ramos?'

'No thank you Martinez.'

'Because you two had an early lunch, we're giving you some snacks and drinks and then we can continue to the next test.' The voice said.

The door went open again and the wall changed where there was a window before. The window was back with the same breathtaking view. It was beautiful, but I'm not going to thank them for that.

Isabella returned and gave me a blue sport drank and three energy bars. 'The same they give us before we start with the game.' She said.

'Indeed, i guess we're going to play football, again.'

'No, you two are going to train.' The voice said.

'What training?' I asked.

Suddenly a door appeared and I looked at Isabella that frowned her eyebrows.

'Walk through that door, there is your next test.'

I heard Isabella sight and she stood up. I walk after her and the lights went on. It was a training room, with two bikes and two treadmill.

'First, drink your drinks up and finish your bars and then put the shoes on. Isabella you have the blue one and Sergio you have the green one.

I put them one, one word: Pillows. It's like i'm walking on pillows.

I finished my sport drank and two bars and stood beside Isabella.

'Go sit on the bike. We're going to see witch one of you can hold it longer.' The voice said.

I looked at Isabella and smiled. 'We both know who would win.' I said.

'We see about that.'

I took a sit on the bike and looked at the big screen before me. 'The voice will tell you what to do, it will give you instructions. Good luck.' The voice said, about an voice. Strange right?

'First we will slow down a little, and just get into it.' A male voice said. I peddel like 5 minutes and looked at Isabella that had a bored look on her face.

'Now you two are warmed up, you can start now when the count down begins. Just peddel as hard as you can.'

'Why will I do my best.' Isabella wined while she stopped with peddeling.

'Because you two could win points, the one that does this test better will get a surprise.' The voice said.

'What surprised?'

'If you two will do your best, you can make a phone call for 2 minutes. The winner can call for 5 minutes.'

Isabella eyes lightened up and I was so curious who she would call. But I guess I will call my mother.

'1..2.. start!' The male voice said. I started to peddel and saw Isabella peddeling so hard that she can. She really wants this, I don't know why but I turned down a little. Not that I don't want to call my mother 3 minutes longer, but it looks like she wants it so badly. It must be someone important to her. So I gave in and also tried my best, because I don't want to lose those 2 minutes.'

I was so tired and saw Isabella still peddels like its ride or die. I stopped and catch my breath.

'1-0 for Isabella.' The voice said. I got off the bike and saw a water bottle. I drank from it and also did Isabella.

'What happened' She whispered.


'You suddenly stopped.'

'I was tired'

'Don't fool me.' She moved her lips but with no sound, and put her hand so the people couldn't watch what she was saying.

'Do your best, so you can also make that phone call.' 

'You too.' I said.

'Believe me, I would do anything for those 5 minutes.' She sighed.

We walked to the treadmill and stood there.

'Just think you are on an athletics track. Run and we'll see who will win.' The woman voice returned.

The treadmill begins automatic and we're moving slow and then faster and faster. Isabella don't have to know that I'm slowing down just for her, I don't why. She's annoying, but fun. I don't know her, but these two/three hours with her we're not that bad I expected.

I was sweating and saw we're running for like 15 minutes now. I slowed down and pressed on the red button to stop.

'Ramos, what did you do? Did you do this on purpose?'

'No, i'm just tired. I didn't have a good warm-up and not enough sleep. But congrats, you deserve those 5 minutes.' I said while giving her a smile. She walked to me 'I know you do this on purpose, I don't know why, but stop it.' She whispered.

'Sergio you get the 2 minutes, Isabella you get the 5 minutes. You can't say that you're locked, because we're not stupid if you thought that. Sergio you say that you're in Barcelona. Isabella you say that you're in Madrid.'

'Seriously.' Isabella said while rolling her eyes. 'What's the problem with Madrid?'

'Nothing, it's beautiful. Just weird that they switch us.'

I nod.

A little window opened on the wall and appeared a phone wall phone. Like they have in prisons.

'Isabella, you can go first.' The voice said. She ran to the phone and tapped a phone number in.

'Lorenzo?' She said. 'Hi baby, it's me.' She smiled wide.

I should've known that...

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