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Isabella pov

I sighed and looked out of the window. 'Let's play a game.' Sergio suddenly said. 'What game?'
'Truth or truth?'
'There's not much to do for a dare. Or we can ask each other questions and if you don't want to answer it. Just say pass.'
'We really don't have nothing to do so ok.' I said while sitting before him on the ground.

'Favorite food.' I asked first.
'Like every spain, with chicken or fish?'
'Chicken ofcours but you asked two questions so i can ask twice.
'Favorite movie?'
'Fast and furious 6.'
'No 7?'
'Didn't saw it, my turn.'

I looked at him and smirked. 'Biggest blunder ever.'
'One day, i said to a girl that i liked her and when i said it.I had a snot under my nose, i had a cold that day. Worst day ever.'
'O my god.' I burst into laughter. 'It's not funny.'
'Oh yeah it is.'
'My turn.' He said while rolling his eyes.
'Hey sergio.' I interrupted him.
'You've got snot under your nose.'
He touched his nose with his hands and I just couldn't anymore. My belly hurts so much that i just cried from the laughter. When i'm bored I laugh about everything and this is some seriously shit.

'You're so mean.'
'I know.' I laughed.
I cleared my throat and sit right. 'Ok sorry. Next question.'

'Biggest fear.'
He pulled his eyebrows up. 'Spiders? Seriously. Out of all the things in this world.'
'Their scary, dirty and they should be ilegal.'
'If it was possible.'
He shook his head and laughed. 'Your so weird.'
'I know my turn.' I said. I looked at the ceiling. Thinking about a question.
'What was the reason why your latest realtionship ended.'
'Why do you want to know that.'
'You can pass you know.' I said while getting my hands up.
'She was flirty with other boys.'
'Why? Didn't she had enough attention from you?'
I nod. 'Sorry.' I apologized.
'It's ok. 'He is your boyfriend right? That you called.'
'Yes indeed.'
'That's the reason why you wanted that bad.'
'Yes, he's right now in Turin.'
'I didn't knew you had a boyfriend.'
'Nobody knows, we have a undercover relationship. But i don't care everyone can know now.'
'So his name is Lorenzo.'
'No, it actually isn't'
'What is his name than?'

I smiled at the ground and looked at him.

'Àlvaro Morata.'

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