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Isabella pov

The lights went off again, it was so dark that i doubt about my own existence.

'What now?' Sergio said.

I felt the ground shaking under my feet and it think that the room is changing. Even thought i can't see. I heard something went on and it shined. There went 5 lamps on and saw a football stadium around me.

'What the hell is this.' i heard Sergio gasping. 'A football stadium.'

'Like i didn't figure that out

'You asked what it was, i answered it you dumb ass.'

'Don't play..'

'Welcome by test 1, you two are going to play football.' The voice said.

'And then what?' I mumbled.

'You are going against yourself.'

I looked at Sergio that also looked confused.

'Get your clothes on, it's on the bench.'

I sighed and walked to the bench with a grey tenue. It was just grey, grey stripes, grey short, and hey! It was grey... So boring, and my name wasn't even behind it. Not even a number. I didn't saw Sergio and thought it was a good opportunity to dress quickly. I put on the shoes and they were also grey.

When I was done I walked to the middle of the field and saw Sergio jogging to me.

A shadow appeared and there came more.

'You've got to be kidding me.' I gasped

There were like two Sergio in front of me, and yeah. Two me.

'You two are going to work together, and your counter party will be your clones.' The voice said.

'You got clones of us?'

'It are robots'

'Wauw, you guys are insane.'

'We were planning this test a long time.'

Seriously, these people or she, he who the hell trapped us here are crazy. Just the thought that there are people that want to use you for a test and were planning this for a long time. Well what you can understand under longtime but seeing this all. It has to be very long.

'I am not going to play with my enemy.' I snorted. 'Am i an enemy?' Sergio laughed.

'Yes you are playing for Madrid, and i'm playing or Barcelona.'

'So?whats that for bullshit.'

'You are bullshit.' I hissed.

'Can you two please stop and get ready. There's no warming up.' The voice said.

'How do you want to test us with a good result without that we have a warming up?' I asked

'How do you want to get a good test result without that we get a warm up.' Sergio said.

'Let's begin.' The voice that ignored Sergio.

Suddenly the whole tribune were full with people. It's just an illusion. Or a screen. This really drives me nuts.

'How can we play football together with having no goalkeeper, or an equal team.' I said

The ball came by my foot and it's been taking away by uhm. Well myself? Robot self? I guess that voice won't answer my question.

I ran after myself and took the ball from her, me. Gosh this is frustrating.

I passed it to Sergio but the ball is again taking away by the robot himself.

I just couldn't get the ball and couldn't get passed my robot self.

'That bitch can run.' I said to Sergio while catching my breath.

'Well that bitch is you.'

I looked at him with frowned eyebrows and pushed him. I ran after the ball and finally took it and dribbled passed Sergio robot, but it's been taking away. Again.

Sergio has it and when he wanted to pass at me, it been taking away. Like freaking again.

'Seriously, are we that hard on the field?' Sergio said. 'I must be so damn good.'

'Shut up ego.' I hissed and ran after the ball. Like again. Damn this shit just got real.

I looked at my robot self and laughed. The robot looked at me with a weird look. That weird look of mine, that means. 'Wtf, why you laughing?'

'You look pretty good.' I said and ran away with the ball. I dribbled past Sergio robots and gave a high shot to Sergio he headlines the ball into the goal It went so hard that we thought it was in but the damn goalkeeper saved it. And you can guess who the goalkeeper is... It was Sergio. Why Sergio? He told me he also likes to be a goalkeeper, and he did it during some practice.

We played for 15 minutes, and I just couldn't anymore. Playing football without joy and warming up is better if you don't play at all. But I just want to make one goal, one goal. When I was so close by the goal the lights went off.

'Are you kidding me?' I screamed. After a couple second, everything was gone. It was a square grey room just like before only that I still have the ball.

'Seriously, what is this for kind of dumb test?' I whined. 'Can you just stop complaining and do what they want us to do. There are now 6 test left, if we do that. We both can leave.'

'I have every right to complain.'

'You always have right on everything.'

'Because I have.'

'Ok, lawyer.' He said rolling with his eyes.

'What did you just said?' I said while walking towards him. He took another step closer to me, he was so close that i felt shivers on my whole body.

'Lawyer, do i need to spell it for you?'

'Stop that.'

'Stop what?'

'Intimidating me.'

'You don't like that?'

'Who does like that?'

'There are people that like that.'

'And those people are?'

'You don't know them.'

I looked in his eyes and I swear, the universe punished me for being so freaking close to a handsome men that also is an asshole and i just can't stand him. I'm starting to hate him, but his appearance. Oh gosh. His soul is in the wrong body, because damn he looks like an angel.

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