11:00 AM

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Sergio pov

Isabelle almost fell in sleep but she tried to stay awake. We didn't talk much, when we started talking it ended with a awkward silence and more silence. The window was suddenly gone and everything was dark. The lights went on. Its just creepy, god knows where we are and who is doing this to us.

'Lady, gentlemen. Both are awake now and waited an hour.' A lady voice said.

'Who are you, what is this. Where the hell are we and why are you doing this?' Isabella screamed in one breath.

'There are no other male and female football players that almost have the same abilities, skills. And from a different genre and both of you are defenders.'

'So?' She said annoyed.

'We want to test both or you.'

'Why don't you just asked us than kidnapping us.' I interrupted her.

I don't know where i actually have to look but i'm looking everywhere searching for a little camera but it's impossible. Everything is closed, and my question right now is how can we actually breath. It's not cold but I could feel the wind blow a little. Enough oxygen for a square closed room with no window.

'Because you both wouldn't agree this test. It's called: 24 hours.'

'We will sit here 24 hours and doing test?' I asked.

'Yes. There will be seven test that we're going to take.'

'This is kidnapping, if the police of someone finds us and you..'

'Can't be, everyone is informed that you two are on vacation and everything is covered. This is a test that we want to see for our self. Nobody can identificatie us and after 24 hours, you two can leave.'

'Fine so you will see and hear us. What if i wanna go to the bathroom. Or when we're hungry?' Isabella asked.

A door appears behind the two bed.

'The bathroom is behind that door, everything is taking care off.'

'You will pay for this!' Isabella screamed again.

'Aggressive in the field and outside the field.' The voice said with a sarcastic tone

'I have every right to be aggressive'

'I'm sorry, but this was a chance we have to take. The food is ready, eat so you two will have full energy'

'I don't trust this.' Isabella said.

'There's no poison in it.' The voice almost laughed.

'I wish i could poison you.' I hissed.

'Enjoy your meal.' Were her last words.

The door opened where I bonked on earlier just like Isabella. Two plates appears on the door steps. I walked to the door and saw another door behind it. 'These people really trapped us.' I said to Isabella. 'Wow, really? I thought we were in paradise.'

I ignored her and took the plate from the ground. The board is full with vegetables and a stake. We also have a bottle of water and two glasses. Isabella stands up and helps me.

'So we're having a early lunch.' I said while looking at the plate.

'Everything is taking care off? There's no table or seat.' She whined.

When we are done with our food, we place it by the door. She sit on the bed and looks bored at the ceiling. I decide to sit on the ground with my back behind the wall.

'I'm hungry.'

I looked at her with frowned eyebrows. 'But you just ate.' I grinned.

'It did not make me full, full enough for surviving this crap 24 hours.'

'Be lucky you have me.'

'I'm not.'

'You could've been locked with a psycho or something.'

'You say you aren't a psycho?' She said while smirking.

I rolled my eyes and sighed.

'Why are you sitting on the ground if you can sit on the bed?' She asked.

'I want to sit here, is that a problem?'

'I'm sorry for caring if your butt is comfortable.'

'May i sit on you?'

'May I slap you?' She snapped.

'If your strong enough to hurt me.' I winked at her.

'24 hours, kill me already.' She mumbled.

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