Chapter 30 ( The End)

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Somehow I found this worse.

"People die, it's life. We start dying the second we are born so just accept it. There's a whole pack put there who is grieving. They're counting on you to protect them. "

"I never asked to be Luna," I remark too quick to think better. My arms were now crossed, my eyes not wavering from his.

"I never asked to be Alpha. "

His lips trembled. Not in an emotional way, but in a dangerous way. As though he's holding himself back.

I was stunned by his confession. Didn't all male werewolves inspire to be in charge? In complete power?

"I'm leaving at two o'clock whether you're coming or not." I wanted to reply by stating that if he left at two, he'd be late. I bite my tongue instead.

Hunter drives away, off to save his pack.

Walking in, the first thing I do is take a seat. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Emily's dead.

I can't believe it was her. All this time when people were dying, people from the strongest pack, and we didn't know who.

They had us fooled.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

The war is over, but for how long? This is the Dark Moon Pack. They're known for their wars.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Hunter was right. I'm the Luna now, I need to be strong like one. I need to accept fate. I need to fight with my pack- no- I need to fight for them.

Although my mind was spurting out motivational verses, my body ached too much to get up.

One more day. One more day of being just weak Rose. Tomorrow will be different. I'll be the Luna.

My eyelids are getting heavier by the second, begging to just shut. To fall into a pit of darkness.

Closing my eyes, I summit. I like the darkness anyways.

* * *

The screams of horror echoed all around the room , along with a few others. My grip subconsciously tightened around the arms of the seat.

I must be truly insane. I love watching horror movies, yet i'm absolutely terrified.

Clenching my teeth so I don't accidentally bite down on my tongue when a pop up comes up, I barely recognize his hand over mine.

"Scared?" He whispers teasingly.

I shake my head in reply.

"It's okay, you can close your eyes. I won't judge." Rolling my eyes, I playfully bump my shoulder against his.

I stay silent and continue to watch the movie.

"Rose," his breathe tickles my ears.

"Shh," I whisper back.

"Rose, will you be my girlfriend?"

"What?" I whisper pathetically, my eyes staring widely at his.

Stupid, stupid Rose! What kind of an answer is that.

Nearly cowering away, I reply again, "I-I mean yes."

Greg's deep chuckle reaches my ears.

"I'm so lucky to have met you."

I entwine out hands and allow myself to feel the bliss that Greg's words brought.

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