Your Christmas presents

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Ethan's pov

It was the last day of the exams and then we are all going off to Paris for Christmas. I was currently in my maths exam looking at the front of my paper, and I know what you are thinking Ethan King hasn't done the exam as usual, but for your information I have done the paper, with half an hour left. No, I didn't cheat they put me on my own row because they thought I would, but I do have the perfect view to see Lily. She was currently had her head in her hands and she looked tense, she had been like that for five minutes.

It had been a week since I told her about Paris and she was excited but she been off a little bit she hadn't been doing well in school and that's crazy for someone like her. Like the other day she came to mine to finish our art project off but she feel asleep on top of it I wonder what's going on i'll ask her when we get out of the hall.

"Five minutes" the examiner said and I saw lily jump up in shock and start scribbling stuff on her test.

"Time is up" but she was still writing by the time they came round to collect the paper she gave it to them unwillingly and slumped back in her chair.

"You may all leave" and everyone got up and left.

I was outside the hall waiting for Lily when Riley and Mia come up to me hand in hand.

"Hey man how the test go?" he asked I just shrugged

"Um thanks again Ethan for taking me and Lily to Paris we've always wanted to go" she says and the name of Lily sparked my interest I looked at her and she smiled. I see what Riley sees in her she's bubbly fun, her blond hair complicates her tan skin and her shinning blue eyes sparkle with excitement.

"It's no problem Mia, I thought it would be nice, " I say smiling back and my best mates girl

" So what time do you want to meet at yours?" Riley asked

"Around 8 o'clock we can have take out before we go and take the privet jet there," Mia gasps

"You have a privet jet!!!" I nod and she looks at me in away

"All right ill see you tonight man" Riley and Mia leave. But what bothered me the most is that Lily hasn't come out of the whole even the examiners have left I look through the windows of the sports hall to see Lily staring blandly at the wall. She looked so sad so stressed, I didn't notice it till now but she had dark bags under her eyes as well as a red rim. She looked paler than usual and she lost a lot of weight. I walk into the hall not wanting her to be alone anymore, she must have heard my foot prints on the hard gym floor as she looked in my directing, she tried to smile but it didn't reach her eyes.

"Hey " she said but it didn't sound like her voice it was raspy like shed been silent for decades.

"Hey " I got a chair and sat in front of her she didn't look at me she looked past me like I was a ghost you could see right through. "What's wrong princess?" I say using her nickname, which causes a little smile to appear, and her eyes to adjust to look at me.

" Nothing, just exam stress guess it's been catching up to me " she laughs lightly but I didn't find it funny she's worn down and she needs sleep. She doesn't look healthy and it scared me.

"Do you want to talk about it," as I knew she was lying to me she just shook her head saying no. "do you want me to take you home and help you pack?"

The last couple of days she's been staying with Mia or me she wouldn't tell me why but I knew the answer. She didn't want to be alone her brother is away with work and as our her parents, as far as I know she hasn't been getting any notes from Daniel but it wouldn't shock me if she did. The ones to me have stopped for now at least

"Yes, please" she replied to me I nodded and got up, as did she. " Ill meet you at your car I just have to get some stuff from my locker first" I nod and she walks out of the hall to her locker.

I was walking to my car looking at my phone, five miss calls from Riley. Hmmm must be serious. I phone him back and he picks up instantly.

"God dude you need to pick up your phone more often!" he yells

"What's up?" I ask in all seriousness

"Daniel was in the car park, he went into the school man he looked pissed I hope you haven't left Lily alone because he was out of it" he told me I then began to panic I looked around the car park the only thing that was there was my motorbike and a black car. Shit.

"Right I have to go" and I hung up quickly and ran back into the school. I guess it was peaceful while it last.

Lily's Pov

I had completely flunked that exam, what is happening to me? Its like I'm turning into the old me like the one that was with Daniel. But the only thing that has change that it's not love that's keeping me up at night its fear every time a close my eyes he is there with a gun pointing at someone I care about. So I have abandoned sleep the only person who hasn't appeared in those dreams are Ethan.

I should be happy right I'm going to Paris with my lovely friends and I will be far away from Daniel.

I was walking down the corridor to get the rest of my books I will then meet Ethan by his car. He has been so sweet lately he's been caring but I kind of of miss the guy who I would have stupid little arguments with.

Just as I got to my locker I saw Daniel standing by it he was looking at his phone, I sucked in a breath. I guess it was to good to be true hoping he would leave me alone. I started walking forward ad tried my best to ignore him; I could feel his gave on me but I didn't pay attention. I opened my locker and got my books and just as I slammed the looked shut he pinned me against my locker resting his hands above my head.

"What do you want?!?" I spat at him; the school was empty so none would hear my screams.

"I just wanted to give you your Christmas present, as I won't be seeing you until the new year" he said innocently, he lifted my chin and pressed his lips against mine I didn't respond but he didn't try to deepen the kiss, he just moved back.

"I have one for you too Ethan," he says looking to my left wear Ethan was standing he was furious.

"Here you go," he says giving me a box it was beautiful the boxes was bright red and had a green ribbon to finish it off. He moved closer to me and whispered, "You will wear it willingly one day" he then kissed my forehead.

"Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year" he says and then walks past Ethan. Ethan looks at me in confusion and shock, I bet my expression matched his but then I looked down to wear Daniel had left. What did he me 'ill wear it for him willingly'?

"Are you okay?" Ethan says

"I'm fine King" I smirk and he returns it. I look at the box and put it in my bag. "Can we leave after I have packed I want to go somewhere else if that's all right" he nods, and we leave.

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