Almost Forgiven Forgiven Part 2

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Thor's POV
I ran into the hospital faster than the other Avengers. I could see Clint sitting on one of the chairs with a girl who I think may have history class with me. It isn't really irrelevant at this time.
"Where is Loki?" I asked Clint. He looked up at me, his face sad.
"I don't know. They took him away and told me that they would come back and get me when Loki was ready to be seen."
"How long will that take?" I asked, he shrugged and I sat down. Natasha sat on my right and put a hand on my shoulder. Steve sat next to her.
"Loki's going to be ok,"she said. I nodded and she took her hand down. Instead, she took Steve's hand and held it tight. I think that they would make a really cute couple.
"Is anyone here for Loki Odinson?" A doctor asked as she walked out. We all stood and faced her.
"There is some good news and some bad news. The good is that Loki is breathing and awake," I sighed in relief.
"What's the bad news?" Natasha asked.
"He will need surgery and a lot of it. He could possibly have some damage in his intestines. I'm sorry." Natasha gasped and Steve wrapped his arms around her. I think I saw a tear in Clint's eye.
"Could I see him?" I asked.
"Are you kin?"
"Yes," I replied. She nodded and led me through a large door and down a white hallway. She opened a door and I saw Loki laying on a bed.
"Loki," I said and ran over to him. He looked up at me.
"Hi Thor."
"How are you feeling?" I asked.
"Like I got ran through by a frost giant. Do you think that I will get better?"
"Of course you will," I said. "It will just take time and rest." He nodded, closing his eyes carefully. I went to leave.
"Could you stay brother?" He asked. "I don't want to be here alone." I sat down in a chair next to his bed. A nurse came in a few minutes later, after Loki was fast asleep.
"We are ready for him." She wheeled his bed away and I sat there, looking down at my hands.
Hours later, they brought Loki back out and said he was ready to go home. Since he was still asleep, I carried him out to the vehicle that Clint had stolen. He had brought home the young maiden who had come here with him. When everyone else got in the car, we drove off. It was awkward for a few moments until Steve said;
"Clint, what you did was really brave." Clint nodded, watching the road.
"I'm sorry Natasha," he whispered. "That's ok, Clint. You're forgiven," she replied. Yawning, she put her arms around Steve and laid down on his lap. Loki was lying on me, still out cold. The rest of the car ride was filled with happy chatter. No one was angry with Clint anymore and everyone was getting along. When we got home, I put Loki in bed and then Tony ordered shwarma. It was around midnight but who cares? It's the weekend tomorrow.

The next chapter will probably have even more Steve and Natasha. I read this really good wattpad story called Borderline. It's about the Avengers. So, I haven't really asked any questions lately but I want to know who your favorite Marvel characters are. I love when there are cameos. I need some favorites that could appear in this book. The next chapter will be about what the Avengers do on the weekends. How would you guys feel if I was to add a couple of the new Avengers to this book? Like Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch? Vote and comment!!!!

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