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Chapter 2

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I closed the door before hearing Becky yelling back at me. All I wanted was getting rid of Jason no matter what. I didn't know why but I had a bad feeling.

When I arrived at work, They told me that a new employee had come to work with us. He introduced himself as Zac. He seemed to be nice and he was hot in a way no other boy was.

As usual I finished my work and went to order some food with the worst driver in the world -me-. "You're going to pay! It's your turn!" Becky said. "Alright" "Oh and btw a new guy joined us today. His name is Zac and he's haaawt"
"Did you talk to him? Is he nice? I want to meet him. Is he cool?" Becky asked.
"Calm down Rebecca. He seems to be friendly but we didn't talk much." I usually don't call her by her full name, but if she is pushy I have no other choice.

"Let's pick Josh up. Our trio isn't complete without him." Becky suggested
"Only if you stop talking."

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