#8- You Cheat On Him With Louis

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"Hey (y/n)" Louis greets you with a kiss. Louis isn't your boyfriend, infact Harry is. Since last week something happened between you and Louis and it went on from there. For over seven days you have been seeing Louis in secret although you know it's wrong and you feel so guilty. Harry has always been a faithful person, so caring and he loves you so much, you do too but there's also Louis...

"Hey Louis i think we need to talk" you start and lead him to a bench beside you. You both sit down.

"This isn't right. I can't do this anymore we have to tell Harry right now" you say and start getting up

"No we can't do that! It'll break his heart, i'm his best friend, if he found out who knows what will happen" he shouts grabbing your arm

"That's exactly why we have to, we're going to his house now" you demand pulling him with you. You make Louis drive to Harry's house, when you get there you run to his door and knock on it forcefully. As soon as he opens the door you barge in with Louis.

"(y/n)? Louis? What are you guys doing here? (y/n) you told me you couldn't come over today because you were with your family?" he asks sounding more confused than ever, he walks over to the couch where you and Louis are sat.

"Well Harry, I lied" you hesitate to say

"I can't hide this from you anymore, i love you too much to carry on. Me and Louis have been dating eachother in secret for over a week now." at these words you said Harry shot up, his lip quivering struggling to find words to say.

"What?" he managed to say

"Louis, is this true?" he asks through clenched teeth

"It's true" Louis answers hiding his face from Harry's eyes full of rage.

You immediately started to tear up and run into Harry's arms but he pushes you away

"Don't touch me, don't speak to me, don't even look at me! HOW COULD YOU!?" he screams

"Louis, you're my bestfriend, how could you do that to me! And (y/n) you're my girlfriend, how could you cheat on me with my bestfriend!" he spat out going to sit on the couch and threw his head in his hands. Louis goes up to him but Harry pushes him with all his might causing him to fall to the floor. You run to Louis to help him up.

"Harry, we can explain" you begin but he cuts you off

"What's to explain, that you cheated on me with my bestfriend after all i have done for you. I have never ever hurt you so why hurt me (y/n), tell me why.." he cries giving you a chance to speak.

"I...I don't know why i did it, i love you so much" you stutter.

"If you really did, you wouldn't have done something as horrible as that" he says lowering his voice and calming down, but anger grew in him.

"Get out" he demands. "NOW!" he shouts already shoving you both out the door. He slams the door shut and you break down crying. Harry listens to you cry your eyes out behind the door.

"Wait!" he shouts opening the door, but you and Louis are already gone. Sighing he goes back inside his house to think.

***A Few Weeks Later***

You haven't spoken to Louis since the break up with Harry so you have no idea what he's up too. But you're depressed and you cry everyday thinking about what you did to Harry. Someone rings the doorbell of your flat, not being in the mood to see anyone you ignore it and go deeper into the covers still crying your heart out. You hear a noise so you fall silent listening carefully, you peek above the cover to see your bedroom door opening and Harry popping his head out. At the sight of him you feel relieved but are too ashamed to speak to him. He walks closer to you and gets under the covers. You move away from him thinking he would not want to be anywhere near you, but he takes your arm and pulls you closer to his body. He cuddles you while you nestle your head into the crook of his neck and cry. He moves a strand of hair away from your face and tilts your head up with his finger.

"I forgive you" he says softly. You sit up and sniffle.

"Why would you forgive me?" you asked confused

"Because i love you and i know your sorry" he answers

"But i betrayed you. I broke your heart. I made your life a misery the day i came into it!" you start to cry even more

"That's not true. You made my life complete when you came into it" he replys kissing your cheek

"I don't understand Harry, i am an awfull person, i don't deserve a guy like you" you say putting yourself down.

"I don't care about what you done. It did hurt me badly but i know your sorry and i can't live without you. Regardless of what you did, i need you with me. And Louis will always be my bestfriend, no matter how much he messes up. Both of you are too special to me to let go" he explains wiping away your tears.

"Thank you Harry, and i am so sorry. Can i do anything, and i mean anything, to make it up to you?" you ask trying to stop crying

"Just be my girlfriend again. And promise me you won't hurt me anymore" he says

"I will, and i won't. Ever ever again, i love you so much Harry" you answer

"I love you to (y/n)" and you kiss passionately. The next day you and Harry go to Louis and Harry tells him that it's okay, and from then on you never ever hurt him again.

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