Chapter 5: Sunako and Kyouhei Get CLOSE!

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WARNING: You might find this chapter a little...inappropriate.

Chapter 5:

After Morgeade left, Sunako's head was in turmoil. He was acting sort of like Noi does to Takenega. That doesn't mean he likes her- he could just be a friendly person. Suddenly, she felt silly for the even thinking Morgeade could possibly like her. At the thought she also felt...a twinge? A twinge because she wanted him to like her?

Nah! She was being silly.

Plus, who would care that way about her? She was not beautiful nor was she a bright creature. You couldn't even force a person to like her. Believe it, because it's been tried. Just ask Kyouhei. The guys and Noi (mostly Noi) were trying to convince Kyouhei of something completely untrue. I mean, how can you tell a person what they feel? You don't know who is feeling what; you have no clue what another person is feeling because only they can tell you that.

And since Kyouhei vehemently denies it and asks how can a person love something like her and how she isn't an actual girl, he obviously doesn't like her. Sunako wished that everybody soon believed him and would stop trying to get them together when they didn't want to be. How hard is that to understand?

When she reached the conclusion of her inner rant, Sunako went upstairs to her room to take a shower, then watch the new horror movie that Kyouhei had bought her. It was recompense for breaking one of her skulls. She proceeded to gather her pajamas and head to the shared had to share one bathroom since Kyouhei broke the other by slipping in the shower and breaking tiles with his big head. He wasn't hurt, though. Just the bathroom. Idiot.

While Sunako was busy heading towards the shower Kyouhei was getting out of it. He had gotten so angry until Morgeade finally left that to relax, he had to take a long, hot shower. That guy just found a way to get under his skin, but appear harmless and goody-goody to everyone else. Especially Sunako. Who the hell did that douche think he is flirting with her, of all people! They may have that dark look and cooking in common, but there is no way she'd go for him. Sunako didn't even have an interest in guys! So why does he seem to believe that he's so different and so special. Puh-lease!

Kyouhei finally calmed down enough to feel like watching a movie. Maybe he'd sneak into Sunako's bedroom and watch with her the new movie he got. Yeah! That's what he'll do! And he would find out what she thought of him. After all, Morgeade was an enemy he was going to go to war with when he accompanies them on their DATE. He needs as much information as he can get. Hell. Maybe he'd even ask Takenega for a background check on the guy. You can never be too careful, right? Hehehe...careful...riiiiight.

He stepped out the shower and wrapped a towel around his bottom half, only to finally notice the absence of his clothes. Oh, right! He forgot to bring some. Well, as long as he was quick no one would notice. His room wasn't very far. Carefully peaking out of the door, looking only to the right side towards his room and not towards the left where a person was quickly headed to the shower. Kyouhei started to head out and swung the bathroom door wide open, where it successfully hit an unsuspecting and (for once) innocent Sunako.

"Aah!" Sunako yelped in surprise as she was falling. She started to grab something in hope it would stop her fall.

While she was falling, Kyouhei turned to the noise and his hand that held the towel up was yanked, causing him to lose his balance...fall...lose his towel...and land exactly on top of Sunako- squishing her.

"GET OFF! GET OFF! GET OFF!" she was shouting. Sunako was trying to push him off so she could breathe; she was touching randomly and pushing at him everywhere, trying to get some part ANY part off of her to allow air.

Kyouhei was dumbstruck at the events just occurring and was in a state of complete and utter shock. Under him, Sunako accidentally touched a scary spot. Really scary spot...


Sunako quickly shut up when she heard him groan at the touch. He didn't mean to. He didn't even know what was going on. But then he felt something that wasn't his that felt very warm and very right stroke (not on purpose) another something that was his. Kyouhei lost control and groaned. Then, the struggling stopped and Sunako was also in a state of complete and utter shock.

"Kyouhei! Sunako! We need to talk about- FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY!" Yuki screamed.

That certainly brought both of them out of their shock. They scrambled to get up and away from each other, but failed to do so before the others walked in.

"What was the yelling- ARE YOU KIDDING ME? FINALLY!" was Ranmaru's reaction.

Takenega's was: "DEAR GOD!"

Kyouhei's was running to his room, forgetting the towel, and Sunako's was running to her room, forgetting (at least trying to) what occurred.

"Well, at least he finally made a move."

Voila! Another chapter done! I have to say that I'm a little worried that you might be grossed out by this chapter, but I think that Kyouhei and Sunako needed a scene like this. Leave a comment to tell me what you think!

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