Chapter 1

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Special thanks to my friend who helped me editing this story.

"Help me I just can't go on! I don't like him anymore!" I said angrily.
"Take it easy, tell him you want to break up and everything will be okay." Becky said.

Becky is a girl of my age, 18. She's a bestfriend everyone wish to have. Maybe she isn't good in keeping a guy although she has the perfect body, brown-reddish hair and hazel eyes.

"Is causing me problems okay? Is that what you mean?" I continued.
"No he won't do that. Believe me. Tomorrow is a new day. Plus you don't have to see him anymore, neither at our college nor at work."
"Maybe you're right."


*Next Morning*

"I told Jason that I'm travelling to Paris to live there and that's why I want to break up." I said to Becky
"What!! You did??!! But what if he found out that you're still living here in Manchester?"
"You're the one who said that I won't see him anymore! I'M HEADING TO WORK BYE"

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