Chapter 21 ~New Girlfriend

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Chrissy POV:

"No!" I told my best friend

"Why not?" She whined

"Because I said so!"

"But why?"

"Eleanor, you're not gonna date any of my friends!" I told her while she pouted.

"But why it's not like you even like them anyway." She said causing me to drop the popcorn I was eating, she looked at me with her eyes widened. "You do like them all! Don't you!" She accused.

"No why would you think that?" I asked her trying to be oblivious.

"Because you're blushing! Oh my gosh you never blush!" Okay so maybe I'm not as good of an actress as I think I am.

"No I don't" I mumbled she just raised an eyebrow.

"Sure, so what's the hot ones name again?" She asked

"Jacob Black" I replied

"What about the cute one?"

"Paul Lahote"

"The sexy one?" She asked smirking

"Quil Ateara"

"The sweet and cute one?"

"Jared Cameron"

"The all of the above one?"

"Embry Call" wait a minute I just admitted to her that, oh damn she's good! "Eleanor!" I whined and she smirked

"So um, does this mean I can have Paul Lahote?" She questioned smirking


"Jared Cameron?"


"How about Jacob Black?"

"No! Eleanor no!" I yelled at her

"Why not? I need a boyfriend!" She whined throwing her head back dramatically, this is why we're best friends.

"Well find your own!" I told her she glared and then got a look on her face, no! She always does this! It's the sad puppy face, I could barely handle it with the guys and Sam but her, her puppy face always gets me! She could tell me to stab myself in the face and I'll do it if she makes that puppy look! Look away Chrissy, don't let her take your babies away!

"The best friend is always supposed to find her best friend a boyfriend though!" She protested

"I'll get you a boyfriend" or a girlfriend I smirked at her. Sam's almost with Emily and then that'll blow my cover so Eleanor already act like a damn couple sometimes this could work!

"Oh no! You've got that I have an evil plan look on your face!" She said

"That's because I do, dear Eleanor! You see all of the guys you made me admit my feelings about have the same feelings for me. They'll get into a fight and you know what will happen, so I told them I like girls, I have a friends Emily. She's currently pretending to be my girl, but her and Sasshole are getting pretty cozy." I explained and by the looks of it she understood every word, good. I don't want to have to explain it again. I'm just that lazy, too lazy to talk.

"Are you, asking me to be your girlfriend so that these guys don't rip each other to shreds?" She asked me. Yeah I kinda accidentally told her, and by I told her she threatened me.


I opened the door to my room to see Eleanor sitting there glaring at me. I meant to apologize to her I missed our annual bestie movie day for patrol and now she's gonna kill me or worse destroy something I love!

"Where were you?" She asked using her I'm gonna kill you glare. I gulped

"I was just um, I'm sorry don't kill me!" I pleaded with her. She slowly stood up.

"You were just what?" She asked raising an eyebrow I can't tell her Sam will kill me!

"I can't tell you!" I said I couldn't lie to her either she would find out the truth and destroy me.

"Tell me!" She commanded

"I can't!" I shouted it happened so fast one second I'm standing in the doorway of my room and the next I'm tied to a chair and she has scissors in her hands. I gasped not my hair, I felt myself tear up.

"What's going on?" My dad had asked walking into the room. No! I'm dead!

"She's got a secret and won't tell me!" Eleanor said

"Okay then proceed, just make sure you bury her were nobody will find her." He said before running out. I don't blame him Eleanor is hella scary when she's mad, I mean I'm scary most of the time but when she wants something or demands something she wants the truth or whatever it is now! I felt her scissors by one of my locks of hair and squealed.

"I'm a wolf okay! Don't cut my hair!" I cried out she stopped and looked at me she knows I would never chance lying to her so she believed me and held me apologizing.

*Flashback over*

"Chrissy! Hello! Answer me!" She said I snapped out of it and looked up at her.

"Yes that's exactly what I'm saying and then you'll be able to hang with me hanging with them! So will you do it?" I asked cheerily she thought a moment before smiling

"A chance to make a few guys horny and awkward? Hell yeah!" She said smiling.

"Yes! And we already act like a couple so, we're good. I have to call Emily and tell her its over. How am I gonna break it to her? She'll be heartbroken!"

"Hey shhh, she'll understand okay just lay on a joke and then break it to her okay?" Eleanor reassured I smiled and grabbed my phone. I know doing this through the phone I'm a horrible person!

"Hey Emily!" I said once she picked up

"Hi Chrissy what's going on?" She asked I can't do this, I can't crush her like this, I have to its for El and I. We're in love and I have to do this!

"Hey so um, what do you call cheese that isn't yours?" I asked her, Eleanor snorted having heard this joke a million times

"I don't know what?" Emily asked

"Nacho Cheese!" I said I heard Sam's laugh in the background and Emily giggle a little. "Okay now, what do you call a girl that isn't yours?" I asked again

"I'm clueless what?"

"Nacho Girl!" I said it was quiet and then she spoke up.

"What? I don't get it." She said

"I'm breaking up with you Emily." I said sadly

"Oh okay then, have fun in the single life, bye" she said before hanging up.

"She's so heartbroken" I told Eleanor

"Oh, baby come here" she said I jumped into her arms and she hugged me. Yeah we really could fool them as a couple why didn't I think of this before?

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