7 Fading Zen

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A/N: Dedicated to the lovlies: Roxxi_4 and Crazywriterlover17


The sun shined through the glass of Louis' bedroom window. The first thing he felt was an uneven weight distribution of his mattress. The second thing he felt was Harry's light breathing tickling his face. Louis' breath hitched.

Harry's voice was barely above a whisper. "Do you have to go into the spa today?"

Louis barely shook his head, still being more on the side of sleep than awake.

"Would you like me to leave now?"

Eyes still closed, Louis responded by reaching his arm over Harry. He felt Harry pull him tight to his body, making Louis the little spoon. Harry's breathing slowed again, and his arm rose up and down with the pattern.

Okay. Morning time. Let's assess. Sunday: No alarm set for today. It's probably about 8 because I normally can't sleep past then. Slight hangover because I didn't drink enough water. Slept through the whole night. Harry is in bed with me.


Harry. We had dinner. Came home. Drained the tub. Thought about shit.


Destroyed my room. Almost relapsed.

He remembered his right hand. He wiggled it around a bit and realized that he did indeed punch a glass photo frame into his drywall and ruin his knuckles.

That's going to suck trying to massage tomorrow. I'll see if Blake can cover my clients while this heals up. Good going Louis.

Now, why didn't he end up taking the pills?

Texted Harry instead. He came over. Cleaned up his room. Louis was about to come on to him, then Harry put him in bed.

Hang on.

Louis moved his body around a bit. Harry's breathing was slow. He probably fell asleep again.

Yes, that is your bare skin on the sheets. Oh goodness, please say I'm not naked.

Louis tried to surreptitiously move his hand down to feel his crotch.

Underwear, okay that's goo- motherfucker!!

He had a boner and was now acutely aware of every contact point between him and Harry at that moment. He felt like his body broke out into instant sweats. And gosh, when is the last time he showered? What if he smells? Morning breath!

Now that his body had his attention, he could feel his cock throbbing and begging for relief. He tried to keep himself from hyperventilating.

Okay breathe. You bathed yesterday. Probably have a bit of alcohol sweating out of your pores, but probably nothing Harry hasn't dealt with before. Just don't breathe on him and you'll be fine. As for your other problem....

Louis had one of three choices.

One: Get up as quickly as possible, get his blood flowing, go pee, cold shower.

Two: Get up as quickly as possible, wank in the shower.

Three: Stay in bed with Harry and...

Damn it. He really should have gotten off yesterday, and he wouldn't be having this problem right now. His underwear felt increasingly tighter. Harry's hand was only about a foot away from his crotch.

Okay. Well one is definitely out of the question. Two would be an okay option. Three, would Harry even want....

Louis shifted slightly and pushed his bum into Harry. Harry was most definitely hard, and felt it twitch on contact. Louis' stomach flipped inside out.

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