Guys gossip too.....

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"......Wait, so you're telling me that this is the girl that captured your heart and you cousin's? "

Paul asked. I nodded, " You look like a teenage girl who's cray cray for One Direction." Diego my spaniard friend said. I gave him a 'fuck off look and he put his arms up in surrender and flicked me off. "You're no fun , you're really fond of this girl aren't you?" I nodded again, but my head was some place else.

"Earth to Jake, aye man what up with you?" Jack laughed. " It's official, he is in love.... they grow up so fast. "

Diego cooed , I sear if he didn't stop talking I am going to cut his dick off.

" I'm serious guys , I've never felt this way before. She is not like the other ones, she doesn't make my money a problem and she is really.... she is something. "

" Of course she , she turned you down so many times." My brother said. I punched his arm ," shut up."

"Woah, come on dude, damn hit you hard in the head." They exclaimed. I thought about what we talked about, it still haunted my mind, did she or did she not have feelings for me?

Wait what, I'm a Govenci, I can have whatever I want whenever I want. "Just not her dude." My brother said, damn I said that out loud?

" Yep ya did." Jack commented.

" So you're telling me, that you, Jacob Govenci Parker have been turned down? Now that is someone I admire. Who is she?" It was quiet for a moment.

"Oliveria. " I said.

The silence continued, " No way , that one black girl?" Paul asked. " She prefers the term African, she said that is all she is." " If you think about it, "

Jack said taking a gummy worm and popping it in his mouth,

"It's kind of like the romantic movies.
The guy who thinks he is mighty and wonderful, falls for the girl that pays no attention to him. That is why he has the hots for her."

" Awww Jack knows his love stories really well. What's next you're going to refer to the Notebook? " I teased.

" Man shut up, how do you know about the Notebook anyways? I guess I'm not the only one who's been emotional this week."

It was yet again quiet but not awkward silence, it was one where we all just sat in our own bubble and thought. After all guys did too gossip.

" Alright dude , I have to go me mum's callin me name." Paul said. " Hey good luck in South Korea, you'll need it." " Yeah totally. "

" I'll drive you ." Diego said.

" You can ride in the bunker. " we all laughed. " See you in two weeks. Oh and Jake, if you don't want her, I'll be glad to have her, with curves like that, I'll never be bored."

He smirked, I threw my pillow at him ," Yeah I'm not giving that up, I'll have her one way or another. "

He left out the door smiling like a fool. I don't love these guys for nothing. " Oh yeah by bests to Arthur, I hope all will be well."

"Yeah, yeah me too..... See ya. Call us when you get there."

Everyone said their goodbyes and soon, all that was left was the noise of their laughter miles away.

I got dress and stormed out the door, everything that she said made sense.

My best friend was in critical conditions, and I needed to be there for him.

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