Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 11, Soon will be time.

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Maria knocked on the door. At first, no one answered. Maria went to walk away but the the door swung open. "Hello, can i help you?" Maria turned back around. She lowered her head in a bow. "I just wanted to know if Yuki has recovered?" Kaname's smile was fake, even Maria could tell that. "She is comming along just fine, i would offer for you to go see her but i want her to rest at the moment." Chiyo handed the three purple flowers over to Kaname. "Please give these to her when she awakes." Kaname took the flowers. Chiyo looked past Kaname and smiled. Kaname turned around to see Yuki standing at the bottem of the stairs. "Chiyo! Have you come to see me?" Chiyo nodded. "I wanted to see if you were ok, but im afraid i can't see you at the moment, Kaname wants you to rest." Chiyo turned around, but before she could move, she could hear footsteps rapidly approaching behind her until they stopped. Chiyo turned around with surprise. "Chiyo, iv had my rest, please, come in!" Kaname gave "Chiyo" a dirty look as she was dragged past him by Yuki. When Kaname was out of sight, Maria gave a smerk. Yuki took Maria up to her room where many different flowers lay all around the room. "Yuki, how do you feel?" Yuki let go of Maria and winked. "Im fine, really, no need to worry. Kaname said that im making a great recovery, thats why he took me home for hospital eairly." Maria smiled. "Well, some people at school heard the news about you fainting and put together a get well party for you." Maria looked down at her linked hands. "I just wanted to know, if its ok with Kaname, that you, maybe, want to come?" Yuki smiled. Maria looked up at Yuki. "Everyone wants to see you. The headmaster, Sayori, me..." Yuki put an arm on Maria's shoulder. "I'd love to come Chiyo! Kaname will be fine with it, im sure." Maria smiled and gave Yuki a hug. "Thank-you, Yuki. Everyone will be so happy that your comming! You can even bring Kaname along if you'd like!" Maria let go of Yuki and stood up. "Now, Kanames right, you really should get some rest. The party is tomorrow at 6:00. Im sorry iv let you know on such short notice." Maria bowed then ran out of her room and down the stairs. Kaname was at the bottem, and watched as Maria skipped past him.

The real Chiyo and Zero had just stopped practicing when Maria skipped into Zero's room. "Everything is planned. Yuki is to come tomorrow at 6:00. I had my doubts about Kaname allowing it, but i know that Yuki wouldn't pass up a chance to see Sayori and the Headmaster." Chiyo smiled. "Thank-you, Maria. Zero is ready now." Chiyo turned to Zero. "We shall meet you tomorrowin the room which Shizuka died. W will meet there at 15 to 6:00." With that, Chiyo turned and walked away with Maria. "Maria, i have to talk to you about something. You wont like it, but please, don't try and stop me. Oh adn please dont tell Zero, he will be so mad at me if he found out about this." Maria wore a worried expression as she turned to Chiyo. Chiyo took Maria to her room and talked to her about what had to happen.

Kaname walked into Yuki's room to find Yuki asleep on her bed. Kaname smiled, then turned to walk out, but the sound of Yuki's voice stopped him. "Kaname?" Kaname turned back to Yuki and went over to see her. "Kaname, tomorrow..." Kaname stopped her. "Keep resting, you need all your strength." Yuki shook her head and sat up. "Iv reasted enough Kaname." Yuki looked at her hands laying in her lap. "Chiyo wanted to know if i could come to a party being held at Cross Academy. Its a get well party for me. Sayori and the headmaster are planned to attend." Kaname tucked away a piece of hair that had hung over Yuki's face. "Would it be ok if i came with you?" Yuki smiled. "Your letting me go? Of corse you can come, Chiyo even suggested that you do." Kaname stood up. "Then we shall go tomorrow." Kaname leant down and kissed Yuki's forehead. Yuki smiled and watched as Kaname walked out. Kaname wasn't to sure about this "party". He walked to his room where a chess board on a table lay. "The opostition has their move. I wasn't planning this, but i will make my move also soon." Kaname moved a black peice on his chess board forward. He then took his seat and stared at the table. After a few miniutes, Kaname stood up and walked over to his drawers. It looked normal, full of beautifuly setout clothes. Kaname lifted them all up and broke through the bottem of the draw, where a secret compartment lay. In there was all diffrent types of wepons. Kaname pulled out one and one only wepon, and that was a vampire huters sword.

The next day came and went, and everyone was preparing for that night. Yuki fumbles through her wardrobe looking for something to wear. After a while, she pulled out a white dress. Yuki went to get changed. In the mean time, Kaname was down stairs convieniently hiding his wepon. Yuki soon came down to join Kaname. "You look lovely, as allways Yuki." Yuki smiled. "Thank-you." Yuki linked her arm with Kanames as they went into the awaiting limosuine. Maria stood at the giant gates, waiting Yuki and Kanames arrival. She bowed and walked slightly faster than the two of them. "The partys going to be held up stairs." Maria looked gloomly at the floor as she walked. She lead the two of them up to a room. "Everyone is down stairs waiting, i'll go and get them for you." Maria bowed and soon disappeared from their view. Maria went down sairs to meet with Chiyo and Zero. "This is very suspicious." Kaname's eyes slowly scanned the room. "I dont like this one bit!" Yuki grabbed Kanames hand. "Don't worry Kaname, its only a party." Maria slowly trailed down the stairs to the awaiting Chiyo and Zero. Maria gave Chiyo a hug as a tear trickled down her cheek. "Soon, Maria, our wish will be forfilled." Maria let go of Chiyo and gave half a smile. Zero stood back in confusion. "This way, Zero." Chiyo lead Zero up the stairs, while maria stood at the bottem, Chiyo's words repeating in her head. Soon, Maria, our wish will be forfilled. Maria wiped away the tears that where on her face, and turned to walk away. Chiyo and Zero stood in the doorway. Yuki's eyes widened. "Nice to see you again, Zero." Kanames eyes narrowed. "Kaname," Chiyo smiled evily. "Well, isn't this a surprise!" Chiyo walked in and faced opposite the two purebloods. "I have waited for this moment, i see you have met my twin." Yuki took a step back in shock. "Maria Kurenai, she lead you here. We look very alike, dont we?" Chiyo evily smiled.

(Stay tunned for Episode 12, Final Faceoff.)

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