1. Oh Weddings

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1 Year Ago...

I smiled when I saw him standing outside of my door. I unlocked it quickly and wrapped my arms around his neck quickly breathing in his scent.

"I've missed you." I whispered.

I felt him breathing on my neck but
He didn't speak. I held him a little longer just to see if he would hug me back but that didn't even happen.
Something was definitely wrong.
"We need to talk." He mumbled walking past me. I could tell he was angry about something.

He didn't even look me in the eyes as he stood with his hands in his pocket. He didn't go straight to the kitchen in a happy mood like he usually does. He was just...angry.

"Okay..." My voice trailed off as I watched him.
"What do we need to talk about?"

"They're Getting married." He blurts out. Still not looking at me.

My heart beat quickly sped up and I jumped to my feet. "What!" I shrieked. "No Way, no they are not!" I walked closer to him.
"My mom just told me they were causally dating, they've only been together for three months how the hell are they getting married already?" I panicked pacing back and forth.

Dallas grabbed my arm to keep me still. "Ashlyn."

"Yes?" I croaked feeling the tears preparing to escape. We were standing face to face. But he still couldn't look me in the eyes. He would gaze up at the ceiling or at the floor but not at me.

"My mother has been dead for 2 years now." He growled. Now pressing his forehead against mine.
"He claims to be head over heels in love with your mom. I don't care if it took 3 months or 3 damn days, he loves her and they are getting married and I'm not gonna messed that up. WE are not gonna mess that up. My father is happy now, they make each other happy...haven't you noticed?" Dallas's  voice went back down to a mumble as he turned away from me rubbing his fingers through his hair and sighing.

I couldn't believe this. My heart was breaking at this very moment. He was just gonna throw us away. I loved him and he was just gonna end us.

"What about us Dallas?" I cried. "I can't just give you up!"

Dallas quickly turned around and stalked towards me. "There is no more us!" He growled making me flinch. "Don't you get it! We are done! Your gonna be my step sister next year! This was fun but we are over!" He yelled.
"And do not ever tell anyone about us! When you see me next year you better act like you've never seen me in your entire life Ashlyn!" He yelled again and headed for the door. I watched wide eyed as he glanced back at me with regret in his eyes before walking out and slamming the door.

After that it was like he didn't even exist anymore. Well that was until today of course. The wedding day.


"Honey how's my makeup?do the eye lashes look bad?"

My mom was freaking out but looked so beautiful doing it. "No mom, you look perfect." I assured her.

Her dress was perfect as well. It was white. Tight fitting up top but the rest flowed out like a fluffy skirt.

She was sitting getting her makeup professionally done by a hired makeup artist. Everything was going perfect today. There's was no post wedding drama that I always see on tv. Like the groom skipping out on the bride deciding at the last minute that he wasn't ready to get married.

I swear every time I watched sex and the city the movie I wanted to Shoot Big through my tv. I mean seriously he put Carrie through so much over the years and then he did the ultimate most fucked up thing and showed up to the wedding but was too much of a coward to get out of the car. So he left.

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