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Isabella pov

My head hurts a lot, all I can remember is that I walked in to the kitchen because I couldn't sleep anymore and than everything went black. There was a voice that kept saying that it will be ok. That voice, a man. It must be a man that hurted me. I blinked a couple times and my eyes finally were able to open.

'Finally you're awake.' A voice said. I sighed and looked next to me. I see a man looking at me with a smirk. 'Where am I?'

'For you a question, and for me also a question.' He answered. I look at him with frowned eyebrows. 'Who are..' I stopped with talking when I recognize him.

'You wanted to say who i am, right?'

I nodded.

'Where are we, what is this?' I crawled back up, I felt dizzy and almost fell over but he catched me. 'Thank you.' I mumbled. The whole room is like a prison. It's square, grey and it has a big window with a view over a river and a lot of flowers. There is nothing more than two beds. The ceiling is very high and its scare the hell outta me.

I walked to the door and bonk. 'Let me out!' I screamed. I bonked again, harder and harder. I don't care that my hands hurt, all I was thinking about right now, is get the hell out of here.

'Isabella!' Someone screamed my name. I felt two hands on mine shoulders and immediately stopped. 'I already tried that.' He sighed.

'How do you know who I am?' I asked him while sitting on the ground.

'Ofcours I do. There are allot people comparing you with me.'

'Oh I am compared to you? Not you to me? What is this? Because I am a woman and no men can be compared to a woman? What is this for sexist thought.'

'I am older than you. For an example, you can't say that a father looks like his a child. Its that the child looks like his or her father. It's about the age when you compare someone with someone.'

'Cut the crap.' I hissed.

'What? You offend me with being sexist.'

'I'm sorry, this is something I hear like almost every day. It's not easy when a female footballer hears that she can better stop and do something that's for woman. Football is not only for men, sadly there's more attention for the male football.'

'That's bullshit, female can football. I'm not going to deny, but there are some females that are better than some male footballers who thinks that they're always better.'

I gave him a glare and he apologized. 'I am sorry, I didn't mean that...'

'I know that the level is higher by men than by woman. There's no denying about that.' I interrupted him.

I sighed and looked at the scary room where we sit.

'Who put us here?' I asked him.

'I really don't know'

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