If I See Another Maths Equation Before Christmas!

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Lily's pov

It had been a week since Daniel tried to apologise about the ball I wasn't having any of it, but he seems to be keeping his distance maybe he's given up. Just maybe.

Ethan has been lovely he had driven me home every day and would stay until my parents got home which he really didn't have too. I must say for the schools 'bad boy' he's not that bad. We have also nearly finished our art project we did a massive drawing of all of are friend in their masks that they wore to the masked ball on Halloween, Ethan says he has something else that he wants to give in but he wont show me. I hope its good but then again he is really good at drawing as much as he likes to deny it.

Kallum is now good as new and is back at work but he still makes time for movies with me. So I guess you could say it's been quite normal, and it's been lovely.

But of course school intervenes it is mock week for all the upper class We are pretty stressed but then we are of for two weeks for Christmas which was my favourite holiday.

I was currently in the library listening to my music and revising for my history exam, I didn't know why I took history I find it fascinating yeah, but it is so confusing trying to remember all of the dates.

"God if I see another maths equation before Christmas I'm going to scream!" Mia says sitting next to my and slumming her head down on the desk.

"So I guess the maths exam didn't go to plan," I ask finishing the last sentence in the book.

"I'm sooooo bad at it I really need a tutor, hey maybe you could teach me!" I burst out into laughter

"What's so funny?" I look up to see Charlie smiling down at me.

"Mia thinks I could tutor her in maths..." I finish laughing and wipe a fake tear away from my eye

"Shut up your better than me!" she says sinking further into the table

"I'm not that good Hun..." I say rubbing her shoulder" cants Riley teach you?" I ask he's really good at it and they do go out.

"He's been busy lately," she says with sadness in her voice

"Just ask him I'm sure he will do anything for you... speaking of which are you two okay" I ask and Charlie sits opposite me and rests his head in his hand.

"I'm not talking about this when he is here" she glares at Charlie he raises his hands in surrender.

"Hey I'm very good with relationship advice I help Ethan out the other day" he says i raise an eyebrow

"Ethan the Bad Boy needs relationship advice ?" i ask in disbelief and he nods

"Fine... he's just been really distant ever since your brother went into hospital its like he's avoiding me like I'm going to put him in a coma!" she screams which cause the whole library to look at us

"Look I think he's just busy with exams" Charlie says but I think it's a different reason

"Yeah right" she says not believing him, and she just goes back to putting her head in her hands. I look at Charlie who was nodding at me telling me that I shouldn't tell her what the real reason was. I knew I was right he doesn't want to be close to her just in case she gets hurt.

"It will be fine M, I promise" I hug her but she doesn't respond. "Anyway what were you helping Ethan with?" I ask curiously

"He wanted advice on how to shake Zoe off, he's not having much luck and she thinks that you have something to do with it so she wants to cut your head off" he laughs and so do I.

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