"Are you okay?"

I shook my head. Harry only flashed me a sympathetic pout as I shyly walked down the school hall.

"She's just jealous of you," He assured, but I raised an eyebrow. Then his voice began to tremble. "I-I mean- she's probably quite insecure, and she feeds from pointing out the flaws of other people."

My favourite teacher became my worst.

"I guess when you put it that way-"

He startled me with a sigh in relief, but then he went stern. "Don't worry about what she thinks."

"But what if everyone thinks the same as her," I whispered out of suspicion and fright, my eyed widening in fear. "A-Am I a joke to everyone?"

Harry went silent, slowly shrugging. "I wouldn't know. But even if you were, it doesn't matter. Because what other people think... means nothing."

"It means everything." I uncomfortably grazed my forearm with my nails, panting heavily.

His eyes stared at my arm in concern. "What... Harley- stop doing that." He instructed, and batted my hand away.

"Do you think she saw us leaving?" I breathed nervously.

"No," He assured. "She was in the kitchen."

"I-I'm just shocked," Somehow my throat began to throb as I worryingly swallowed. "I thought w-we were really close."

"Shit like this happens to everyone, Harley," He spoke deeply and suddenly his hand grabbed my arm and raised it to his, gesturing me to take hold of his arm. I did. "You have to realise that people who you think love and care for you actually..."

He paused, his eyes softening as he furrowed his eyebrows in sadness and stared to the floor. I coughed. "Actually...?"

He licked his bottom lip and began marching down the hall. "Actually don't."

"Are you talking about your family?" I asked quietly, hoping it wouldn't anger him.

Somehow my negative thoughts had projected onto him, and now he was targeted with loss. I didn't mean to turn everything around, but our conversation just flowed and eventually his words depressed himself.

He angrily shook his head. "No. Don't want to talk about it."

"Well, if you were me. W-What would you do?" I asked in hopes of finding some advice. Harry always had advice.

"It wouldn't bother me. She's nothing to me."

I sighed briefly, my mind blank. "In my case?"

"In your case," He furrowed. "I'd distract myself so I stop thinking about it."

"But I have nothing to distract myself with."

A small smirk came upon his lips. "I can distract you."

"What would you distract me with?" I questioned with an uptight smile.

"First," He suggested. "I'm taking you home. Right now."

Hopefully we could watch another movie.


*Harry's Pov*

Harley innocently knelt in the centre of her mattress, only wearing a lilac, cotton vest and matching underwear. I stood only in black jeans as I held a cigarette between my teeth, fumbling with the small Betron speaker and connecting it to my phone.

She looked so nervous.

I liked it.

"What song do you want on?" I asked sharply.

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