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Hi, everyone! I just wanted to thank all of you, who have read this book! Hope you all loved the chapters, and everything that was put in this story.

This book is officially complete!

    This was my goal as a writer who writes on this app to do. To make a finished, completed story. And this story's finished!

    I'm happy to finally be able to finish writing this story. It really took a lot of effort, editing, and patience to do it.

    I remember starting this book in Summer, and now it's done! Can't wait to write more books and stories. So excited.

    What did you all thought of this book, the chapters, and the ending? Hope you all liked it.
    Thank you for everyone who looked forward to new chapters, and those who made theories onto what they thought would happen next.
    This book, and you all mean everything to me. Thank you! ♥️

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