Chapter 1

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"Here Ivy since you're so smart do my homework." Lee Sohee said. She is what you call queenka at school but there is no kingka since there isn't any guys who fit that role. She never liked me and always torture me. She has slept with almost every guy in this school and would flirt with them in front of me so I can get in trouble.

"Oh do mine too."

"Mine too." Then everyone shoved all of their homework on to me.

"Ivy on the next exam I expect you to finish everyone's exam by the end of the school day and don't ask for another hour again."

The chairman of this school doesn't know what is going on everyday and believes every single thing the teachers tells him. The teachers hate me since I at least can solve a college problem which even they can't solve.

I went back to my apartment since the landlady was nice enough to let me stay even though I'm not old enough to have an apartment. She treats me like I'm her daughter and always leave her 4 year old son Minho with me when she goes to work. I have a job too but it's only from 4 to 8 after school and I don't work on the weekends. For today I didn't go to work since the owner went on vacation and the cafe was closed.

"Ugh I have to finish these before Minho gets here." I finished all of it in 3 hours and made to put the things that are fragile somewhere safe.

Knock knock

I opened the door and Minho came running in the apartment.

"I have to go early today since one of the coworkers got injure so he will be staying for the night and can you take him to school tomorrow. Thanks."

Before I could answer she left.

"Noona I'm hungry." I cooked him food and then played with him until it was time to go to sleep.

"Minho where do you want to sleep tonight on the couch or on the bed?"

"I want to sleep with noona."

"Mm kaja." We went to sleep and I kept waking up in the middle of the night since Minho moves around in his sleep.

Minho woke up early and woke me up to cook.

"Noona we have school wake up."

"Mm did you brush your teeth?" He nodded."are you sure how come your breath stinks?"

He then ran to the restroom and brush his teeth. I looked at my phone and I got a text from the landlady last night.

I am going to have to go overseas for a week so please take care of Minho for me. I trust you to take him to school and help him with homework. Thanks.

"Minho you're staying with me for a week since your mom has to go somewhere because of her work."

"Okay I get to be noona everyday."

"Hehehe come on and eat we need to go to school."

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