Chapter 9

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   Miss me??? This chapter is dedicated to all my fans, nine to be exact. Small number isn't it? Well, anyways, here's chapter 9

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Mags POV

   Why?!!? Why?!!? Why did Will's schedule have to be so similar to mine? In fact we have every class together except for musical appreciation.  He's not a musical he says.

   We headed towards our first class, geography, but I saw my two friends and went over to greet them, forgetting that Will was right behind me.

     "Hi! I missed you guys! How was your summer vacation?"

     "It was good, but it wasn't the same without you," one replied.

     "Oh stop flattering me laurie."

     "Mine was fine. Thanks for asking," the other said, crossing her arms and pouting.

     "I'm so sorry. Aney, it's nice to see you again."

     "And who's this?" Laurie asked, loking straight at Will.

     "uh. Hi. My name's Will. Will Finch. And who're you?"

     "Laure here. What'sup? Ad that's Aney. Pronouced 'annie' but spelled A-N-E-Y."

     "hi Laurie. An-ey, 's that right?"


   Laurie looked toward me and raised one of her eyebrows for more explanation.

     "He's my new nighbor and yeah..."

     "So did Mags tell you yet?" Laurie asked Will.

     "Tell me what?" He looked a bit confused.

   Yes, they knew I was a werefish...

     "I suppose not," Aney said.

     "hey what classes do you have?'

     "Which one are you asking?"


     "Well, we have every class together except for musical appreciation"

   Laurie and Aney looked at each other and burst out in giggles.

     "What's so funny?!!?" I asked, sort of mad.

     "Well, obviously..."


   What happens next??? Wait and see...

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