Chapter 4 - what Kian doesn't know, is going to hurt him a lot.

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Sams P.O.V. 

 I was standing there with cans of tea all over the floor and I had come to the realization that the girl that Kian is going crazy over, trying to find her, trying to talk to her, missing her, feeling so much pain because of her - is standing right in front of me. 

"My name is Sam". I said quietly. 

There was a long awkward silence between us. "Well.. It was nice to meet you Sam" Jack said as she started to pick up the tea again. I just stared at her and thought, don't you know me? Didn't Kian tell you about me? I bet he didn't, asshole. Even if he didn't tell her you would think she would recognize me from Youtube. Ok maybe not we aren't really that popular.

I can't believe she's right here. What are the chances of Jack and I running in to each other?. It was almost too easy......... It was too easy. If I just got her phone number and gave it to Kian, it would be boring for everyone. Its the going crazy part that makes it feel so good to see each other again.  Just for a moment I though about not even mentioning Kian, just giving her my phone number and plan something really mean.At first Kian would hate me for it, but he would love me for it one day. After all she has no Idea that I even know Kian The next moment I thought, No. Thats crazy, but the moment after that I thought sure. Why not,  all I had to do was get her phone number and never tell Kian about anything.  I needed something to talk about, anything. 

"Hey I like your neclace, Is that a camera?" I said pointing to her neclace.

"Yeah, it is. I'm really in to photography" Jack said with a big smile. She had a really pretty smile. 

"Wow thats cool, so am I actually, I have a Nikon D3100" I said trying to sound interesting. I understood what Kian was talking about, she was gorgeous, but this conversation was literally killing me. 

"I have a Canon 60d and a Canon rebel T3i. My dad- Can I just have your phone number please"? I said cutting her off.

"wha- I just met you though".

"Well yeah, you're absolutely stunning, and I think we should get to know each other". Shes smiling now, this is a good sign. "Well okay then" she said. We quickly exchanged phone numbers and I made and exuse that I had to leave-- well not until after I paid for my tea. 

I was unlocking our hotel door when I heard Kian. "OMG YES TEA". That made me laugh pretty hard. When I walked in I handed Kian his tea, and when I saw Mckenzie was awake I handed her tea too. 

"Do you feel any better babe" I said to Mckenzie. "Yes actually I feel alot better, especially after the conversation I just had with Kian" Mckenzie said. I looked at Kian with a questioning look. "We were talking about Jack" said Kian.

"It's just so cute. I want to meet her, and well I want Kian to meet her.. again". After Mckenzie said that I watched as all the happiness drained out of Kians body. You could actually see the depression in his eyes.

If you only knew Kian, If you only knew.

Jacks P.O.V.

Uhhhhh. It was 8 o clock, I was laying in bed texting Maddy and avoiding homework. I usually did homework right after school just to get it over with, but today I didn't feel like doing anything. I managed to gather up the energy to text Maddy though, but we couldn't have a conversation without me mentioning Kian.


Did you get question 5 for our Math homework?



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