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"Ready for your first day of school, honeybun?" Jungkook fixes his daughter's hair up into a cute ponytail with her pink ribbon hair tie, one on each side.

"Yes mommy of course!" Taeguk has similar features to her daddy. Big eyes like Taehyung while Taekwon, has bunny teeth like Jungkook so even though they were adopted, they look similar to the couple. During times when they go out together, people would think they are one big happy family.

"Taekwon, sit down still while eating your cereal please" Jungkook was now a full-time mommy, he makes sure the kids have their healthy breakfast before going out, school attire tucked in neat, lunch boxes prepared for them. As he was busy handling the kids, someone hug him from behind.

"Good morning, love" Taehyung huskily whispered to Jungkook and lightly pressed his lips on his wife's forehead. Yes wife. Despite being together for years, Jungkook still couldn't help but blush hearing his sexy, husky voice.

Top that off, he looks so damn good with his white long sleeve work suit and tie especially when he back slick his hair, he looks extra seductive and charming. He then handed Taehyung a cup of coffee, with 2 cubes of sugar, just the way he likes it.

"Daddy play with me!" Taekwon tugged on Taehyung's shirt while he was taking his first sip of coffee.

"Yaaaahhh daddy's coming to get you!" Both father and son were running around the halls, they really have each other's positive energy. You will never see Taekwon sitting still, he's a mini version of Taehyung. Super active like a monkey.

Jungkook had 5 year old little Taeguk in his arms, looking at the two monkeys run around the house. He couldn't help but shake his head and laugh, Taeguk happily clapping her hands with excitement.

"Alright boys, play times over" Jungkook went outside to Taehyung's car and tucked Taeguk safely at the passenger seat, planting a kiss on her forehead. The adorable little girl pouted, landing another kiss for her mommy.

"Goodbye, love. See you tonight!" They simply pecked each other's lips since the kids are there so no hanky panky, you know.

"Taekwon, buckle your seat belts please" his son who was seating at the back seat, did as told, the rest of his little legs swing around the empty space. Jungkook gave each of them one last peck on the lips before waving goodbye to his precious ones.

This was truly a fresh start in his life as planned with Taehyung during their college years. Time to look forward, never backwards.

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