Modern Mates

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So, hi again. I'm starting to write another story... again. And it's about werewolves... again. And I hope you would support this! ... again xD

It's not your typical werewolf story, and the proof is the book itself. It's kinda interesting for me so... I hope you'd like it :)

Link below


The world has changed. The humans focused mostly on themselves; they destroy the forest only to replace them with factories and malls that is a few block away from the other, money started to become everyone's priorities even the pack leaders, and the worst? Those humans steal our mates for they claimed it was love by bedding them.

But Denise doesn't care.

She have her family, friends in the form of fictional characters, good grades, and more than a dozen books in her little room. What more does she need? A mate? Psssh. She ain't gonna waste her time wishing for those.

Still, she ended up looking at the sky, wishing on the flaming balls of gases. And it's because of one guy whom she met at a hebdomadal school activity, wearing a designer skinny jeans and a button up long sleeve, which she guess is not even worth of five years not eating at Starbucks, and the school president in his arms.

How can she compete with that?

Insert an unexpected meeting, a best friend she didn't know was still alive, and the fact that they're werewolves. It's gonna be a hell of a story. Especially when they're modern mates.

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