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Niall picks us up five minutes later outside of the mall. Courtney sits in the passenger seat while I sit in the back.

"Niall is something wrong?" I ask, not sure if I should be panicking or not.

He looks at me through the mirror. "No, Harry just wants you both at the house because he has talked to everyone about our plan and they have all agreed to do it."

"So the plan will be happening soon then?" Courtney asks.

"I believe so. I'm not sure though." Niall keeps his eyes on the road as he speaks. I raise an eyebrow and sink into my seat.

We arrive at Harry's in no time, apparently Niall doesn't play by the speed limit rules. He was driving so fast I thought we were going to crash every time he turned a corner. Courtney and Niall are a few steps ahead of me. They look so cute together, even if they're not actually together.

I can't wait until this thing is over so Harry and I can be happy. It's funny how things worked out. I loved my old life, once Harry took me I hated him and everything that surrounded us. But now, I love this life more than I loved my old one. I have grown very fond of Harry as well. A smile breaks out across my face, Niall turns around and gives me a weird look.

"Why are you smiling?" He asks as if he already knows the answer.

I shake my head. "No reason."

"I don't believe that." He smiles.

I stick my tongue out at him and follow him and Courtney inside the house. Harry and Louis are sat in the living room with Zayn. Harry sees me and smiles, my heart warms with the sight of him. I go and take a seat beside him.

"Hello Skye." Zayn greets.

"Hi Zayn." I wave.

"So what's this about?" Courtney impatiently asks.

"While you two were gone Louis and I talked to the other lads, they have all agreed to join us." Harry explains.

"Perrie will be coming down tomorrow morning, along with Liam and Danielle." Zayn adds.

"Okay, so when are we putting this plan into action?" I ask.

"Two days. We need tomorrow to discuss it with everyone and to find an area for you and Courtney to go." Harry leans over and squeezes my thigh.

"Great." I nod.

"Well Courtney and I should be going. I'll see you all tomorrow." Niall nods and bids his goodbyes.

"I should get going too, see you tomorrow." Zayn excuses himself and waves goodbye.

I rub my hands over my face and sigh. Harry rubs my back and pushes my hair out of my face.

"What's wrong, love?" Harry whispers.

"Headache." Louis informs him.

I lift my head slightly to look at him and scrunch my eyebrows. "How'd you know?"

"I could feel it. I'll get you some Advil from the kitchen." He pats me on the shoulder.

"Thank you."

Harry watches him walk away then turns his attention back to me. "You know if you don't want to help us you don't have to."

I look up. "Of course I want to help! Why would you say that?"

"I just don't want you to get hurt. They could kill you Skye!" He grabs his hair and tugs.

I grab one of his hands and take it in both of mine. I start rubbing small circles on the back of his hand. His one hand being the same size of both of mine.

"Harry please don't worry, you already have so much to think about. I will be perfectly fine."

When he meets my gaze he doesn't say anything. He pulls me into a hug and gently rocks us back and forth.

Louis comes in with my Advil and I pull away from Harry.

"There you are love." He hands me the pills with a glass of water.

"Thank you Louis." I smile.

I take both of the pills and finish my glass of water.

"Liam is from the other clan right?" Harry and Louis both look at me with puzzled looks for the random question.

"Yes." Louis confirms.

"How do we know we can trust him?"

"Liam was a friend of ours before he became a part of them. He never wanted to, he was forced. Him and Danielle have been wanting to get rid of them ever since."

"Okay, I was just-"

"Worrying. Don't." Louis pats my knee. "Everything will be fine."

Okay so this is probably the shortest chapter in history, but I posted it just because I don't know when I'm going to get the chance to work on it so here you go. Next chapter will be longer!

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