"Morning Sir, bacon sandwich is on the go." She smiled before she continued to poke at the bacon. "Thank you. Bring it to my desk in my office." James ordered before entering his office down the hallway that had been designed specially when he purchased the penthouse.

James leaned back in his chair, rubbing his forehead. He would admit the restless night he had; tossing and turning just thinking about the kiss. He glanced towards his phone, one phone call and he could order her over here, in the spite of having her in his bed. However he shook it off and opened the newspaper, to try and focus his mind elsewhere.
Eventually his door opened where Manny his housekeeper approached him with a phone rather in her hand than the bacon sandwich he expected. She smiled passing the phone over to him, James sighed nodding his head to signal she can go before passing the phone to his ear.

"Hello." He said, the other line he could hear slight noise what sounded like the phone being passed until he heard a slight laughter in the background. James was just about to end the call until he suddenly stopped as his hair stood up upon his arms.

"James." The voice said. James clenched his fists "Ethan." The word itself was like venom. Ethan laughed slightly down the line. "How are you James, since our last encounter?"

James spat. "What do you want? You know I am on the verge of ending this call, right now."

"Never were the one to have patience, were we James?" Ethan said. "I just thought you might like to know who I am with." James suddenly felt a cold shiver run down his spine, even the slight sweat forming upon his forehead. "You better be not near her." He threatened.

"Who, Violet?" Ethan chuckled, the words rolling right off his tongue. James clenched his fists, gradually standing up. "Where is she?"

Ethan whistled down the line. "Wrong girl." James rubbed his forehead. "Stop playing games, I thought you might have grown a pair by now." James codly laughed. He was about to pull the phone from his ear when Ethan called out to who ever was near him.

"Hey, fancy a coffee, after we've wrapped up from this, Harper?" James listened carefully as he waited for regontion.

"Sure, I'll see you after then." He heard a voice reply back. He knew that voice, that gentle, soft tone that could turn venmous whenever they were angry. The same voice he was thinking about just a moment ago.

"Oh, sorry James. Did I forget to end the call?" Ethan mocked before the line went dead. James threw his phone down onto the desk, startling Manny who nearly dropped the sandwich as she entered.

"Manny, get Samuels now." He ordered. Manny nodded as she escaped the office to get Samuels. James waited for a moment until his bodyguard, Samuels entered following a panicked Manny who removed the broken plate from the scene.

"Sir." Samuels reported. James raked his hand furiously through his hair. "I need you to track, Miss Harper Daniels' phone now. I need the exact location right now." Samuels nodded before quickly scurrying out of the room.


Earlier On

Harper sighed as she followed Dani into the blaring sunlight towards the approaching taxi. Dani slid in following Harper who quickly hid her aching eyes with a pair of sunglasses.

"BN Studios please." Dani said before she slid back into her chair. "So, feeling any better?" She asked Harper. "Not really. I think I'm allergic to the outside." Harper moaned as she pushed the sunglasses further up her nose.

"Hey, that's the spirit! Okay anyway, we're going to the studio where I have to glam up someone before their television interview. Shouldn't take long then perhaps we could go to beach or shopping, okay?" Dani mocked on the last word, as if Harper was a child.

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