Chapter Twelve

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Harper could not once get to sleep, the whole night she was restless. All she could think was of thoes lips, the lips she had kissed and how she felt alive. Harper was startled but as soon as he set the pace, she couldn't get enough of him, it was like something took over her, she was possesed just for that moment. And what got her was when he called her Harper, it sounded so right rolling off his tongue. The problem was, she couldn't expect him to actually like her, it was more like he caught her at a moment's weakness. Harper was just more annoyed that she allowed him to get to her, she had always said she would create this barrier that she would not give in.

Slowly pushing out of her quilt, she touched her lips, it still felt as if his lips had left only moments ago. She didn't know what to think, did that make her just as bad as the accusations? And did he really expect her to continue working for him? She felt so guilty, ashamed that she kissed him back. Why didn't she jut slap him or step back?

Harper was startled when she heard Dani knocking on the door. Dani opened the door holding a tray of what looked like a bacon sandwich and a glass of orange juice. "Hey, sleepy head. Thought you might want some breakfast." Dani mumbled, smiling as she placed it on the bedside table.

"Thank you, Dani." Harper smiled as she sat on the edge of her bed. Dani followed sitting next to her. "What's on your mind? You were so quite yesterday and I know you didn't sleep well because I heard you were up and down like a fly. Now, spill." Harper rubbed her eyes before looking down. "I feel a bad person."

Dani frowned. "Harper, lets be honest your a goody two shoes, you wouldn't even harm a fly. Look, the only time I would say your bad, is if you ever become a murderer or if you burned my favourite record collection." Dani smirked making Harper slightly chuckle. "Now come on, tell me. I won't judge."

Harper sighed. "I-I kissed, my boss." Dani's pupils dilated as she brought her hand to her mouth. "Seriously, you kissed that incredibly, gorgeous hunk!"
Harper shook her head. "Dani, seriously. I feel bad because I gave in. I let my guard down, he kissed me and I gave in, Dani."

"And you feel like a bad person because of that?" Dani snorted. Harper sighed. "Dani, that really isn't a achievment, I feel so bad. Yesterday I was going to leave because accusations were going around, that I only got this job because I slept with the boss and I don't want to be known like that. And." She sighed again. "I was so angry, I told him I don't want this job anymore and he followed me into the lift. I was pissed off, really pissed off. The lift broke and we were left up there alone. I really despise him, Dani. But he surprised me, when...he kissed me. And I couldn't stop myself. I feel stupid and a fool, because let's be honest, he probably used me. Now I feel like one of thoes past secretaries." She blabbered before sighing.

Dani rolled her eyes. "Your not like any of his others, they were probably desparate. But let me tell you, Harper Daniels. That boss of yours will realise that your something different Harper, and I am sure he will be begging for more. Don't give up because of a silly kiss. Harper you've worked too hard to give up now. If it does get to much then quit, but not if you haven't tried." Dani smiled. Harper followed with a hug . "Thank you."

"I actually changed your mind? Gosh I feel I should become a motivational speaker!" Dani chuckled. "Now eat up. And don't think for one second that I am gonna allow you to mob around all day. You can come with me today at work." Dani ordered before getting up.

"Yes, Mother." Harper snorted before taking a bite out her sandwich.
James buttoned up his shirt as he slid it on. Yesterday, he couldn't help himself, he just had to taste thoes lips. And it wasn't nothing like he expected, it was a lot more. It sent the aderlaine pumping through his veins and he couldn't keep himself away. The sweet essence of her fragance had tickled his nostrils and her body against him sent him going wild. He knew to himself, that it was only till time that Harper Daniels would not be able to resist him. Out of spite, even though he knew how angry she was, there was no way he could have stopped himself. He just hoped secretely though he would never admit, he would get another taste.
James went downstairs towards his kitchen where Manny, his housekeeper was cooking bacon. He had almost gave her fright when he wandered in.

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