FULL QUESTION - You are locked in a room with only 3 pancakes and a waffle iron there are guards outside the window, which is the only way out and you are being interrogated by the most vicious looking man ever He asks: "Did you steel mah cookies?!" What would you do?

This wacky scenario came from @Beeba17 ! XD

Thanks for this!


Sherlock joined the chatroom

Watson joined the chatroom

Sherlock - John. Help me please.

Watson - Sherlock, did you drop an eye in your tea again?

Sherlock - No I-

Watson - Did you get beaten at Cluedo again?

Sherlock - No I-

Watson - Did people find out that you actually love Molly *gasp*

Sherlock - Umm.... definitely not. I've been captured. A commoner thinks I have stolen their cookies!

Watson - Seriously...?

Sherlock - What you think I am lying? Never mind you... I will have to deduce my way out of it...

*A few hours later*

Watson - What happened?

Sherlock - Pah. It was easy.

Watson - Go on... you can show off.

Sherlock - Well, I knew that it wasn't me. So I had to find the real culprit. I ended up scanning all of the guards, knowing that the one with the cookie crumbles on his tie, ate it. The man had me tied to a chair and by watching all those spy movies, I untied the knot and hit one of the guards over the head with the waffle iron. I helped myself to some pancakes and I turned the vicious man towards the man who actually ate them. He took my word because I was Sherlock Holmes and then he gave me some more cookies. Wonderful tasting kidnapping.

Watson - Right. What flavour were they?

Sherlock - Ginger.

Watson - *clears throat* And, where are mine?

Sherlock - I dropped them off earlier, gave them to Mary.

Watson - Mary! Gimme my cookies!

Watson left the chatroom

Sherlock - *tuts* Married couples never share and neither do I...

Sherlock left the chatroom


What a tasty little treat :3

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