Part 8

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A/N: This part is kinda a filler... nothing really happens until the next chapter, but please enjoy anyway :)


We arrived at the apartment block - it definitely wasn't as fancy as MiA's, but it wasn't too bad. My apartment was on the top floor and we took the lift to save the hassle of stairs. The lift indicated its arrival at the top floor with a ding, and we both stepped out - MiA for once following behind me, instead of me hiding behind him. We walked to the end of the corridor together, MiA's eyes scanning the building as if he were an inspector, and it made me feel self-conscious. I fumbled in my pocket for keys... keys... uh... oh god where are they?! "Ah! I have your keys don't worry! And your phone! I found them in your clothes before I washed them - sorry for not giving them to you earlier!" He must have understood the shocked look on my face, and he handed me my belongings which he had kept in the pocket of his jeans.

"Ah thanks..." A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I received the valuable items and unlocked the door, stumbling into my apartment.

"Oh,'s not that tidy... Uh... I have had to stay in a hotel before the last few lives because they were far away from my house... so I haven't been able to tidy up..." I looked around the room.

Okay - it wasn't that bad, but I was so worried about MiA thinking that I was some sort of slob that I was starting to become overcautious about everything. The guitarist stepped through the door, and shut it quietly behind him. He then stood in front of the door, looking around the room silently and smiling. My apartment wasn't as big as his, and it seemed darker too. My drum kit was stood in one corner of the room, messily surrounded by spare parts and equipment along with a basic electric guitar that I played infrequently. The floor was wooden in the living area and the kitchen, with darker blue walls making it seem gloomy and depressing. There was a large TV hung on the wall, which resembled MiA's, and attached to it was a ps4, sitting next to many anime fighting games. A tall bookcase stood in the darker corner of the room, crammed full with an assortment of manga that I read during my limited free time. There were colourful beanbags randomly left in that corner with a small dim lamp so that I could relax and read when I wanted to. Next to those was a desk with a large laptop, surrounded by anime figures that I had collected over time. I guess my apartment looked like a teenager's room than anything else - due to it having such childish items in it compared to MiA's.

"Make yourself at home." I said shyly, "I won't be too long..." I hurried into my bedroom, searching for a suitable outfit to wear. (Suitable for the party and beating Tomo... and MiA's taste of course). I pulled out a large black hoodie decorated with little white skulls, but immediately putting it back, preferring to wear MiA's large hoodie, and a basic white t-shirt to put underneath it, then I found my pair of black skinny jeans. I placed the outfit out on my bed, trying to hurry, before realising I hadn't showered until the day before. I can't risk getting smelly before the end of the night! I pulled off MiA's clothes reluctantly, folding them and placing them next to the clothes I was to wear later. My bathroom was next to my bedroom, so I creeped around the corner quietly, trying not to alert MiA that I was in the room and just in boxers. As I walked through the bathroom door, I noticed he was sitting happily on my sofa, staring at his phone, completely oblivious to the world around him anyway.

I had my shower, washing my hair and body, then creeping back into my bedroom again to dry my hair and finally get dressed. I swiftly put on my outfits, then carefully applied foundation, all of my eye makeup, a black contact lense and a blue contact lense. Next, I carefully inserted all of my piercings, before spraying myself with my favourite cologne. My blue hair was puffed up and hair sprayed into place, and I smiled at myself in the mirror. Tonight I needed to keep MiA away from Tomo - I couldn't bear to lose him now. I thought I looked pretty cute, yet quite casual. Finally, I was ready. I stepped out of the bedroom, Ruana's paw in my hand. For once in my life, I felt very confident, and I strutted up to MiA, snaking my arms around his neck slowly. He was on twitter and browsing through the replies to his tweets, yet his thumb stopped moving against the screen as soon as he felt my presence.

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