Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

The next day, Lyla and Gabi were in Lyla's room, getting Lyla ready for the ball. Lyla found that she was very nervous for the ball because she was going to be the only human there. Landon told her on the drive home that there may have been a couple of other humans there who were mated to a wolf but that was it. And it didn't really make Lyla feel any better.

Lyla knew that she would stand out in the huge ball room. All the wolves would smell that she was a human and they would all want to attack her, she was sure of that. She didn't want to have to explain what she was doing there because she would be too scared. She admitted that she was getting used to this world but speaking to a bunch of werewolves was something that she would have to work up to.

But it was time to stop thinking of this because Lyla needed to get ready. She had the dress on and she was nearly ready. But Gabi needed to do her make up and do her hair before she was really ready to go. Gabi was good at doing hair and make up so Lyla knew that she would make her look good. Maybe she would be able to make her look as good as all the other female werewolves that were going to be there tonight.

And while Lyla was getting ready, Landon couldn't pass up the opportunity to go out for a run. Lyla didn't mind because it didn't take him long to get ready seeing as he just had to throw on a nice suit and brush his hair back. Sometimes the male of the species were so lucky because they didn't need to go through a lengthy process to get ready for an event like this. But women had it lucky as well because they got to get all dressed up and make themselves look gorgeous. That was always something to look forward to.

"I am going to stand out so much tonight," said Lyla when she looked at herself in the mirror as Gabi was doing her make up.

"I know. You are going to be the best looking one there tonight," replied Gabi.

"I don't mean in that way."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I am going to be surrounded by werewolves when I get there. They are going to kill me."

"Landon won't let that happen."

"He won't?"

"No, he won't. He loves you so much, like an Alpha werewolf should."

"It is still going to be scary."

"Maybe. And he won't let you be far from his side. You can stick to him like glue, if you want, and he won't mind."

"You think?" asked Lyla.

"I know," replied Gabi, "that's what male werewolves are like. He will want to protect you."

"Maybe that makes me feel a little better."

"Just know that Landon will protect you and he won't let anything bad happen to you."

"I have been thinking that I am so lucky to have him, lately. I even told him."

"And I bet he loved hearing that."

"Yes, he did. It made him so happy."

"I thought it would."

The girls laughed and Gabi continued doing Lyla's make up. It wasn't long before she finished and it was time to do her hair. She decided to do a donut bun that was going to sit on the top of Lyla's head. And then she would do a braid around the base of the bun because Lyla had enough hair to do it. And this hairstyle was going to look amazing on Lyla because it was going to make her look like a princess. Gabi was only wishing for a tiara right now because that would just make it absolutely perfect.

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