No Love Allowed

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I woke up extra early today I don't know why something just felt wrong...and I was right Jayana wasn't home I got dressed as quickly as possible and left out to go find her when my home boy Ray gave me A quick call

Yn:yo Wassup you seen Jay

Ray:yeah she with that one boy Jaden


Ray:yeah I got there lil asses for you thoe

Yn:can you bring her to school for me

Ray:yeah I got you wanna talk to her thoe

Yn:Nahh I will deal with her later talk to you later Mah nigga

Ray:aight *hangs up*

I walk Back in my house and see my mother waiting for me at the table with some oatmeal

Yn:*kisses her cheek* morning ma

Ym:morning baby wheres Jayana

Yn:*sighs* don't worry ma imma handle that

Ym:*breathes and starts coughing*

Yn:*pats her back* smokers cough got you huh

Ym:*smiles* yeah baby don't worry about me ok go off to school and get your sister

Yn:ok ma I'll see you later on

I walk in the drive way and get in my car ready to start my day quickly and get it over with ASAP luckily My Gang leaders Honey And Tyga called a group meeting I know it's about teaming up with the other gang mindless behavior or whatever and I know Tiana gonna flip out out all in her mind about her babydaddy Roc I ride to the hideout blasting my Kendrick Lamar Cd and when I'm just sitting in the drive way rapping to money trees Cece taps my window taking me out my zone completely

Yn:*gets out* Wassup girl

Cece:Nuffin you know we meeting MB today...and gotta be nice

Yn:we nice to Ray

Cece:but nobody knows we have been friends forever

Yn:you right but we better get this started quick I gotta get Jayana from school and shit over here trying to fuck niggas and shit

Cece:I don't feel ya glad I ain't got sibilings

Yn:*laughs* stfu

y'all walk in and you sit on the couch waiting for MB when them and there Gang leaders walk in

Walter:*smiles* hello ladies

Yn:*mugs the boys*


Roc comes and sits right next to me like I'm really fucking with this nigga please that would never happen as I'm about to flip out on there bitch asses my leaders come in

Honey:girls I see you met our peoples

Yn:Honey why tf do we gotta work with them

Roc:Because we some bosses and know way more shit then y'all bitch asses

I get so heated from his comment I pull my gun out and direct it to his head

Yn:wtf you just say

Tyga:Yn! sit down now

I hate being pushed around and tyga know...that's a long story I don't wanna get in right now but I do as he say's and chills out

Tyga:where is Tiana

Tiana:*walks in* Here Bitches!