Chapter 2: Some Competition

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"Hey," Zelo appeared at my locker," Why are you so messed up?"

I scoffed, "Excuse me?"

"You know Yongguk has a thing for you, so why do you keep flirting with that new guy?"

Flirting? I was not flirting. It has been a few weeks since Daehyun came to our class and besides Mr. Shin, he would be the only one that I was talk to. Even though I swore that I would completely remove guys from my life, we all knew I was lying and Daehyun was really cute. You couldn't blame me for enjoying his company and pretending to laugh at everything he said. Ok maybe I was flirting.

"Yongguk does not have a thing for me, he just likes to annoy me. Besides, I only talk to Daehyun because he's a nice guy."

"Well either way, I heard Yongguk was gonna have a little "chat" with your new friend today."

Zelo's ominous tone made me really nervous. "Where's Yongguk right now?"

"I'm assuming he's tryna find your new boyfriend."

I fast walked down the corridor and swore that if Yongguk did anything to Daehyun, I probably might punch him. Once I turned a corner, Yongguk was holding Daehyun by the collar and cornered him on a locker. "I won't say it again, stay away from Jieun."

"B-but we're just friends," Daehyun pleaded and scrunched his face when he saw Yongguk raise his fist.

"Yongguk! What the hell!" I ran and pushed him off of Daehyun.

"Jieun," His intimidating expression disappeared and was replaced with a terrified look. "You weren't supposed to see any of that."

"Who are you to tell him to stay away from me? I can hang out with whomever I want."

"You're giving all your attention to him," Yongguk raised his voice and my jaw dropped, completely astonished by the fact that Yongguk thinks that I should only be paying attention to him.

"Ok first of all, you and I aren't even friends so why would I treat you and Daehyun the same way? And second, stop acting you're like obsessed with me or something. It's not funny." I turned around and grabbed Daehyun's hand, dragging him away from Yongguk.

"Sorry you had to go through that, that guy is crazy."

"It's alright. He didn't hurt me. Soo let me he your ex-boyfriend?"

I stopped walking and bursted out laughing, "Yeah right, please. He's just some guy who likes to mess with me."

"I'm pretty sure he likes you," Daehyun said.

I made a face and wanted to change the subject, "So Daehyun, have you met any girls at this school that you might like?" Wait wait wait why did I just ask him that? Yeah I'm curious but now I just made this conversation awkward.

Daehyun released his hand which I forgot I was holding and shyly rubbed the back of his neck. Aw Daehyun please, you look so cute. "T-there is actually one girl," He nervously looked at me and my heart stopped. "I've been talking to her a lot since I got here and I think I really like her..."

My eyes widened and I held my breath.

"She's in class 3-B. Her name is Hyuna...and I think she might like me too."

Aw shiz. Well it's not like I was expecting him to say my name. Just kidding, I was. But seriously there's only a few other girls in our year so I thought I'd have a pretty good chance.

"Oh...Hyuna..." You could almost hear the jealousy in my voice. "She's a really nice girl."

"She is! We're in the photography club together. And actually," He checked his watch, "I'm going to meet her right now. I'll see you later Jieun," Daehyun waved as he ran down the hall.

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