An Invitation from Abroad (Re-write)

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Bold stands for when they speak English

(Yuri's POV)

I have been called many names, Prodigy, All-star, The next big hit, but to me? They all mean the same thing. Everyone wants me to become something great, something they can look forward or up to. To be honest sometimes it can be stressful especially for someone who has only just come out of Middle School.

Sure I may be on the Australian Team, but only as a Trainee, nothing more. Everyone thinks I am this great player that has made her way through the ranks through pure talent, but just like everyone else, I have had my rough patches in order to get here.

This past afternoon I have been training my ass off, to show my Coach of what I can do and show her what I have improved on. I stood there sweating in the 38 degree day, staring down the 'Pitcher' which was in fact just a pitching machine. The machine had been cranked up to 150k/m as I requested. The only way to get by and stand out here in Australia is to work hard and train hard no matter what.

And that's exactly what I have been doing; again I may be on the Australian team but only as a Trainee... A Rookie, sure the girls in the team help me when ever they can but...I never feel like I am really in the team just a younger player watching for experience.

My forehead dripped with sweat underneath my white caged helmet, my breath was coming out in short bursts due to the heat, My Coach lifted her arm signalling me to get ready, I raised my hands and bat off my shoulder into the ready position. She placed the small white ball in the machine, I lost sight of it for a moment but it soon came whizzing out of the machine. I watched it all the way, I stepped forward gaining momentum before pulling my hands forward swinging my bat until it made contact. The ding from the old bat could be heard and the small 'swoosh' of the net followed not long after.

My short bursts of breath were becoming more noticeable now, I guess my Coach caught this because I heard the Machine switch off, before small, light footsteps could be heard coming my way.

"Yuri, I think that is enough training, I don't want you passing out on me before tomorrows game." My Coach, Marie, told me. I looked up at her and nodded my head, knowing as well that the heat was getting to me.

"Good, I don't want you passing out on me now would we?." She said trying to start a joke, I gave a small smile in response. I really needed a drink, my throat is killing me. I walked out of the batting cages, taking off my helmet in the process; I placed the sweaty helmet in my bag before grabbing my cold drink. I popped the lid open before taking a big drink. The cool liquid eased my throbbing throat from the dry heat of Australia. I let a satisfied sigh after I finished.

I began to pack all of my gear before walking back into the cages and putting all the used equipment back in its rightful places. I walked out and grabbed my kitbag before exiting the indoor centre. I saw my Coach packing equipment into her car.

"You need any help Coach?" I offered, but knowing her she would politely refuse.

"Oh no, I am quite okay here Yuri, you can go home, you deserve a much needed rest." See what did I tell you, I nodded my head in response. I saw my mother's car in the corner of my eye. I said one final goodbye to my Coach before I took my leave.


I was game day, I was situated behind the plate like usual, I was clad in the States Uniform, It was a game played by The Under 19's State team vs. The Top Club in the State Walkerville Cats, They have won the premiership for the past four years.

I looked at our situation, drowning out the crowd behind me, runner on two and three, one out, possible steal home if I miss, but knowing my own club they wouldn't do that. I could go for a pickoff at three but thought otherwise thinking it was two risky. I had noticed that the runner at second has been taking a huge lead off.

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