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Being Number One

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So this is really short, I know. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with this or not. I just had an idea for a new story the other day and this is as far as I got :) 

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

xx Savannah


“Mer, I’m open!” I shouted, hoping to catch the attention of my best friend and teammate, Meredith Zeller. 

As we’d rehearsed a million times in practice, she sent the ball over my head, booting it to the far right corner of the field. I sprinted as fast as my neon Puma cleats would allow. Out of my peripheral view, I could see my defender gaining on me. Size-wise, she may have been a whole lot bigger than me, but I had some serious speed on her. 

My feet made contact with the ball, and the other team’s sweeper tried to fumble the ball from my possession. I faked right, and cut in towards the net using the outside of my left foot. Now it was just me and the goalie. 

My eyes focused on all four corners of the net. Should I shoot left? Right? Low? High? I was gaining ground by the second and I needed to make a decision. 

I was going for it. Lower right. The goalie’s weak spot. 

I slowed my speed, and lowered my foot cautiously approaching the moment of truth. If I made this shot, we would take the lead over the Portsmouth Panthers and secure a win. I made contact with the ball and watched in awe, as it sailed towards the goalie’s outstretched hands. The moment felt like slow motion. Spectators let out a collective gasp. She extended her reach to the lower right hand corner of the net, deflecting my shot. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black and red jersey sprint into action. It was number one, Meredith. She wove her way through the Panthers’ defense as the ball was in mid air. The crowd gasped as she made contact the ball, heading it right into the back of the net. 

Our fans cheered exuberantly as Meredith pumped her fists into the air. It was the perfect game-ending goal.

As the opposing team walked off the field dejectedly, I ran over to congratulate Mer. I could tell that she was ecstatic.

“You were amazing!” I shouted. 

“I couldn’t have done it without you.” She gushed, throwing her arms around me.

“Yeah right, you’re the best striker on the east coast.” 

“And you’re the best teammate in the world, because I wouldn’t have scored without your killer assist.” 

“Aw, I knew there was a reason I called you my best friend. You’re the best.” 

“I know!” Mer joked.

We ran off the field to join the rest of our team in celebration. It felt great to start off our season with a win.


What did you think? 

It's just a start, I know it's not much, but do you think it has potential?



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