Chapter 1

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Meet the Winters


There goes my funeral song. Ugh. I reached for my alarm clock and stopped it from causing me terror. I hopped off my bed and arranged it. Then I went to the bathroom to fix myself.

It's only five in the morning but I must wake up. Responsible student you say?


The only reason why I wake up this early is because of my brothers.

I went downstairs then straight to the kitchen. I'm obviously gonna make 'em some breakfast. As I was frying the bacons, a kiss landed on my cheeks. "Goodmorning, li'l sis! Oooh! Bacons!" He said and was about to get some of the fried bacons, but I slapped his hands. "Not yet. Wait until everything is done." I reminded him and turned back to my cooking.

"So cruel!" he said and then stormed off. I smiled because of his acts. His Brent. The second of us five. He just graduated and he runs our family company along with our eldest.

"Morning, baby!" He said and kissed my cheeks.

Speaking of our eldest. This is Ashton. He is the current boss of our company. He took over after our parents died.

When he became CEO, he was working while studying. He lived in hell, I bet. But now, since he graduated 3 years ago, he has his full focus on our company.

After I finished cooking, I set the table so we could eat.

"Yo sis! I'll do that." Darren said and took the plates from my hands. I gave him a smile and he wink back. He is Darren. The fourth. We only have a one-year gap between us. He's first year college while I'm a senior at high school.

I went up the stairs and yelled, "Breakfast!" and automatically my three brothers came rushing down to the dining table.

"Hey li'l sis! Morning!" he kissed me and ran downstairs with my other brothers. The one who kissed me just now is Cj. Well they are not initials. His name is literally Cj. He's a Junior in college.

I went down to the dining table. Laughter echoed the house as my brothers eat and talk and laugh at the same time.

If you're getting confused about us, just remember the first five letters of the alphabet. A, B, C, D and E.

That's our names. From eldest to youngest. Ashton and Brent are already working while Cj, Darren and Me are still studying.


Ashton Winters

· the CEO of Winter's Inc.

· He has an on-and-off girlfriend though

· He is the only one who calls me 'baby' 'cause the others call me 'li'l sis'

Brent Winters

· works as the Vice commander in chief in our company.

· He is very childish but very smart.

· Among us five, he's the smartest.

Cj Winters

· a Junior in College. Currently 21.

· He's the one who likes parties too much.

· among them four, he's the toughest in physical strength and even when it comes to drinking.

Darren Winters

· the player in our family. Player in both means. In girls and in sports.

· He's a star player in soccer. He is also a Freshmen in college.

· So that means he is 19.

And finally me.

Elizabeth Winters.

· Only girl and is a senior in high school.

· I'm 17 and the most responsible of them all.

· I'm also the singer in our family.

Well, my brothers have alright voices but they don't like to sing.

My four older brothers are all damn hard players. But I won't be playing anything unless it's a singing tournament.

This is my life. Being a sister of four known players is a huge thing! I'm not hysterical or over-acting, it's true! And you'll know why.

* * *

After we ate breakfast, I washed the dishes and I got ready for school. When I came down from my bedroom, all my brothers are running from here and there. Panicking on what they'll get and where they put something. It's one of those scenes which I stare and laugh about every day.

I went to Ashton and arranged his tie. After all these years, he still doesn't know how to do it.

"Thanks, baby." He said and I smiled back in response.

Then I went over to Brent and fixed his coat. It's like I didn't ironed it when in fact I remember ironing all our clothes. "Love you." He said and hugged me. I hugged him back.

I passed by Cj and saw that he is looking for something, "What is it?" I asked him.

"My ID, I can't find it." He answered. I giggled when he said that, and he looked at me.

"It's in your back pocket, silly." I rolled my eyes at him and pulled the lace of his ID from his back pocket.

 He laughed and kissed my forehead. "What would I do without you?" he said, and I punched him on his shoulders in a joking manner.

Then Darren came to me and he asked, "Is my hair messy enough?"

I laughed and fixed his messy hair. I made it look attractively messy. Instead of just pure messy. "There." I said and he smiled at me.

After all is done. We all went outside as I lock the house.

"Bye li'l sis! Take care." Brent said from the driver's seat of the car. Ashton opened the passenger seat but before he enters, he hugged me. "See you later baby." then he went inside. Since Brent and Ashton works in our company, they go there in one car. As for me, Darren and CJ, we take the other car.

CJ is driving and beside him is Darren and at the backseat is me. We go to school together.

My brothers may be a skull crusher but I really love them. They're funny. Playful. Plus we all look good. Damn we do, it's like the Kardashians but less selfies.

When we reach school, my two brothers waved me goodbye as I do the same. The two of them have the same buildings while I don't.

I walked to the hallways and both guys and girls looked at me....

This is one of the reasons why I hate the fact that I have player brothers.

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