Chapter 5

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Mia's Pov

I was stunned for a moment on my position and look at the two.
I will almost believe that they look the same thing if I'm not the mother of Shilo.If you're going to look at them, Its like they are cut from a same cloth. 

The guy looked at me with queries showing in his marbles eyes. I throw the same look at him.

What the hell! I dont know too!

I approach the two before anything could get worse. I look at the man first.

"Im sorry but he had you mistaken to his father." I said not making the eye contact longer. Those striking grey eyes  that gives me shivers and something else...

Tata and Charlie was right every gay and women in the world would melt if they have  seen this guy. Maybe he doesnt need to charm any women to have them in bed. They might even volunteer themselves.

Wait!! what am I thinking! Oogling this guy!
Dammit Mia! I scolded myself

I looked at my son.

"Shilo baby you're mistaken. He's not your dad." I said and laugh hysterically. Composure Mia.! I reminded myself.  I've seen Adrian stand up maybe he's going to back me up if things gone worse.

"But mom he--"

"Shilo baby like what I told you, your father was sent to a different country to fight for peace." I said after cutting him off.

I suddenly want to laugh of what I had said even though I'm already in a state of hysteria due to whats happening right now. That story was the lamest thing me and Carlie came up regarding the whereabouts of Shilo's father. Of course we got that idea when we are watching Dear John. No other than Carlie's idea yet I submissively agreed to.  But the thing that I'm wondering about is why would Shilo call him dad when we never gave him a single picture that will be used to portray as his dad. We reasoned out that we burned all the pictures of his dad for his own security since he's a member of a special force. Shilo believe' our made up lies of course, with the use of Carlie's drama. My head is about to explode. We  are still trying to come up for a best explanation in the future,since Carlie and I decided that we will kill his father's character soon. So that there will be no confusions when Shilo grows up. Then this crap happened!

"But he is my dad mom! Uncle Adrian showed me his picture!" Shilo exclaimed that cause me to go back to reality from my pool of thoughts.  I think my blood risen up to my head in a more drastic way. I quickly looked for Adrian in the crowd. He was going to our direction. Good! so I can shake the reasons out of him this instant!

I noticed the familiarization crossed from the mysterious guy's eyes.He seems to know Adrian too the way he look at Adrian as he walk towards us.

Adrian sighed as he approach us.  I did the same thing cause I think I'm going to explode any minute and I dont want the visitors see it.

"I can explain Mia."  He inhaled deeply like he's trying to compose himself. I stand up and crossed my arms to my chest.

"Adrian what's the meaning of these?"  The guy spoke finally before I could even aswer Adrian. 

So he do know Adrian...

"I'm ok too thanks for asking Luc." Answered dryly.

"Explain Adrian." I demanded trying to keep my cool.He exhaled deeply again.

"I think its better to do the explanation later. Its kinda long story. Play along for the mean time. I'll explain the situation later promise. You dont want to ruin the kid's birthday right and since you might stay associated for a while from today"   Adrian a command rather than a suggestion.

I got a bad feeling about this......


Lucian's pov

I dont know what happened but as far as I can recall. I visited the venue of one of our clients. I'm just new to this business and Gilbert said that I should'nt be worrying since we have a manager that will do all the physical work for us. But I want to see how things work since it's my first on this industry. I dont know how I ended up pretending to be the celebrant's father.  What surprising there is that my  idiot bestfriend Adrian was there and it seems he's the one who orchestrated everything.  Now we have to wait until the kid is asleep then we will hear the details from Adrian.

The mother of the kid, Mia was her name I believe. How could I forget her beautiful face. That same scared face that I saw one day in a restaurant. Those enticing mocha eyes that are filled with fear....

"You won't leave us anymore right daddy?" The boy with the same eyes as mine wake me up from my reverie. His mother then gave me a thunderous glare as if saying "dont-you-dare-say-a-word". Then look at his son again.I gritted my teeth. The hell with this woman to command me! No one dares to do that to me.

if youre in my bed. Ill bet you wont gave me that look.. instead you're eyes will be filled with plead as you ask more pleasure from me...

I shook my head.

The fuck! what I'm thinking! Fantasizing with the woman I barely knew. And inside her son's bedroom! Seriously Lucian!

"He's needs to sleep also." I heard reluctance from her voice. Specially saying the word "dad". 

There's really something indifferent with their set up. Well there is really since the kid thought that I am his long lost father! Which the hell who gave him the idea.

Suddenly a past memory came across my mind...

No! It could'nt be...... that bloody bastard!

I stood  up and walk to the door. I did'nt bother to call Mia's attention.  I need to talk to that bastard friend of mine.

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