Part 5

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A beautiful scenery spread in front of Amy's eyes. The girl was sitting on a meadow surrounded by gorgeous pink and tender, flowers. The sun was high up in the sky and a gentle breeze caressed her hair. The pink hedgehog took a deep breath and savored the nice scent around her, when suddenly someone covered her eyes from behind. "Guess, who!?" The voiced asked cheeky. Amy was well aware whose voice it was, but wasn't able to speak up at first. It took her a few seconds until she was able to say something.

"Sonic?" A cocky chuckle behind her confirmed her assumption and in a blink of an eye, the hands let go of her and the blue blur himself, stood in front of her, grinning with his sassy smile, as he always does.

"Missed me?"

" When?" Before Amy could think of a completed sentence, Sonic continued.

"I'm not sure, exactly. I just had this feeling you could need my help, so I came to save you." He was still smiling at her with his cheeky smile and gave the girl a thumb up, supported by a wink, to reassure her, everything was fine. Although Amy was happy about seeing Sonic, something felt strange. For some reason, she couldn't remember how she got to this gorgeous place, and why did Shadow leave her all alone? Had he found a way to leave Amy's side and ditched her as soon as possible? The pink haired tried to shake off those thoughts, it wasn't like her to think such negative things, still she couldn't help but feel, she failed to show the black hedgehog what love truly means.

"I know what you're thinking, Amy, and it's okay." Sonic went closer to the pink hedgehog and put one hand on her shoulder, while he sat next to her. "Shadow hates everyone and everything. It's not your fault he can't stand you." Those words hit, said girl, harder than she would have expected. It felt like someone was slowly piercing her heart with a knife, cutting deeper and deeper every second that past. Slowly but steady she could feel tears building up inside her which made her eyes become teary. "Don't be sad, Amy!" The blue blur went in front of the pink hedgehog and dropped on one of his knees, he then lifted Amy's chin slightly in his direction and looked her deep in her emerald green eyes. "You still got me!" Sonic said with a soft voice. "You don't need him! You should treat him just the way he treats you, don't you think?"

"What...what do you mean by that?" Amy was still on the brink of crying, yet the girl fought the urge as much as possible, nevertheless she couldn't prevent a few single tears running down her cheeks. The blue blur wiped away her tears tenderly and put on a soft smile.

"Easy, there! I know how to make you feel better." The hedgehog leaned closer to the pink haired as if he was about to kiss her. He was incredibly close. The girl swallowed hard, her eyes widened in shock. What was going on? Was this even the right time? She couldn't think of any clear thought, everything was messy in her head. Nevertheless, to Amy's disappointment, the blue blur just stared her deeply in her eyes and smiled mischievous. "We should just get rid of Shadow! Don't you think?"

"No!!!" Amy exclaimed and pushed Sonic away from her. The pink haired stood up to have the high ground over the now on the ground sitting Sonic, due to landing on his bottom, from Amy's push. The girl looked at the blue hedgehog with determination filled, still slightly teary, eyes. "Who are you? Sonic would never talk about Shadow like that!" The blue blur wasn't amused about Amy's behavior. He stood up as well, dusting off the dirt from the ground, and glared back at the pink hedgehog, displeased.

"You know Amy? You really are useless!"

"That's right! You are useless!" Suddenly, the hedgehog-girl heard another voice behind her. Perplexed, Amy turned around to see Shadow standing there, frowning at her with a cold, piercing stare. "You are weak, Amy! You are way too naive, you are simple-minded and all the people around you pity you for being such a fool. No one really likes you, and you know that. The worst of all is your never ending talk about love!!" Amy tried to make him stop, she tried to yell at him, but not a single word passed her lips. Desperately, she tried to cry for help, but her body wouldn't move at all. The pink hedgehog was desperate enough to gaze at the fake Sonic, her eyes seemingly pleading for help, but said hedgehog was just standing there and grinning at her with a superior face. "Love?!" Shadow snorted, despised. "Love!!?! There is no such thing and even if there was something disgusting as love. I would definitely never, ever!" Amy could feel her tears uncontrollably burst out, unable to do anything. The pink hedgehog was awfully trembling, and the other two Hedgehogs just watched the miserable girl. While one was still grinning cockily, the other gazed at her with murderous intention. Never. Ever. Love. You. Those words echoed through the girl's brain, and she felt like a strong grip was tightened around her neck, suffocating the pink hedgehog. Her mind was about to drift into nothingness, when suddenly Amy heard a barely audible voice reaching out for her.

" Amy!..wake... Amy!" The voice became clearer within seconds, and the terrible echoing in her head slowly started to fate. "Wake up!!" All of a sudden, the pink hedgehog was back in the Throne Room. She stared into Shadow's eyes for a few seconds until she realized he was worriedly looking back at her. The girl burst out into tears again and without thinking any further, she dug her head in Shadow's chest.

"" Said hedgehog was only able to understand a few words because the girl's sobbing chocked up her words. The black hedgehog was overwhelmed by this situation, helplessly searching for anything to say. Spontaneously, he embraced the girl. Hoping it would calm her down. Said girl dug her head deeper into Shadow's chest fur, but she also felt a bit more relaxed, so he decided to patiently wait for her cries to stop.

After some time had passed, Amy stood up and wiped away her last tears, took a deep sniffle and tried to put on her cheerful smile again, yet it didn't feel that cheerful at all. "I'm okay now. We can go on ahead." The black hedgehog was still unable to say anything, so he just nodded in agreement as they went on.


A/N: Yay! Shadow is okay! :D Poor Amy though! I wonder is she'll be okay after this?

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