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Chapter 42

Percy woke up in the middle of the night. He had had no dreams that night, which was good. If he ever did have dreams they weren't pretty.

He sat up on his bed. Moon light filtered into his room from the window. It gave the room an eerie glow. After everything that had happened the day before, in whatever dream he had had while passed out, he really needed to do something.

Percy jumped off his bed and slipped on his shoes. He checked his pocket for Riptide. Both the glasses and sword were there. With all of his belongings Percy went into the night.

After checking a few hallways, he finally found an open window. It was on the second story but the window let onto the roof of the first story and Percy figured he could jump from there. Before anyone could have known he was gone, Percy was on the streets. He could feel the ocean pulling him. It felt like a compass, guiding him through the streets of Arrendalle. The city was empty and silent, it truly was the dead of night. The shadows cast by the buildings made every alley way as dark as pitch.

Percy finally found the docks. The moon cast a wondrous reflection on the water. He followed the docks until he made it to the beaches. The cool night air wrapped around him as soon as he took off his shirt. He kicked off his shoes and began to wade into the water. The waves even seemed calm. He let himself sink into the water.

In a flash he heard her sobbing. Percy squeezed his eyes shut, trying to block out her tears.

He couldn't think about Annabeth. Not here, not without anything holding him to home. Percy felt so lost. After all of this time, Percy was so lost. The thing was, Annabeth was unreachable. Percy could never see her again. Dwelling on her, it would only make everything more miserable.

But the thing was, Percy already knew that. He knew it made him miserable, but she gave him hope. Maybe that was worth the pangs of loss and the dreams. Maybe the memory of her love of books wouldn't feel so sad over time. Maybe one day he could go back to Harry and live with him and Ginny. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Percy's life was a whole lot of maybes.

Maybe Percy could save the world, but the universe? The universe.

Percy floated on his back and looked at the stars. He wondered about all of the stars up there, which one of those specks were galaxies. Places he would never go, but Lorem said that he had to save it all. He had no help, he had no friends that could come with him. He couldn't do all of this alone.

Percy was alone. Not even Lorem was here now.

His eyes were dry as he accepted his fate. He would be a lone wanderer, for the rest of his life. His undying wish, only to see Annabeth again.


"Elsa?" Anna said at breakfast.

"Hmm?" Elsa replied as she took another bite of her toast.

"Where is Kalahan?" Anna frowned with worry. Kalahan was always first down at breakfast. Elsa looked up from her reading and smiled.

"Not to worry, he is on his way to Scotland, they asked for a dignitary to help discuss plans for the new trading," Elsa said before taking another bite of her toast.

"Oh, alright," Anna said, "Why didn't you send one of the other nobles? Kalahan is so much more helpful here." Elsa sighed.

"Actually Anna, I can't lie to you," Elsa said looking down at her plate, "he and I had a falling out and I sent him off so that I could have a breather." Anna looked at her sister with pity. It was so sad to think that they had had a fight. Anna was sure that they would make up, but it must have been bad if she had the need to send him away.

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