The Confession Game (China xMale Country Reader)

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Тне Соиfessioи Gaме!

Sighing, (Male Name) the personification of (C/n) sat bored on his seat. It was just another World Meeting. And like others, it had turned into chaos.

Wether it started to England trying to strangle France after calling his Scones trash, and or, America laughing at England's Eyebrows. It all just ended the same way. Another meeting..... Wasted.

Sighing for the second time, (Male Name) slumped on his seat. A small pout appearing on his lips. China, (Male Name)'s closest friend among the other countries,who sat besides him blushed.

China obviously had a crush on the male, and it was so obvious, that all the countries knew! Except little (Male Name) ofcourse!

Resisting the urge to glomp him, China then just decided to ask. "What's wrong (Nickname) Aru?"

(Male Name) tilted his head so he can face his chinese friend and sighed again.

"Well, I'm just bored Yao"(Male Name) pouted again, sitting straight up. Yao smiled, pinching (Male Name)'s cheeks tightly with his hands.

"Well we can play a game Aru! And I assure you! It's going to be fun!"China smiled, a sly glint appearing on his eyes. Though it disappeared as quickly as it came.

Feeling excited (Male Name) nodded his head, his (h/c) curl bouncing up and down as he did so.

"Well, It's called the Confessing Game! You need to confess to the one you love Aru!"Grinned China, and (Male Name) could'nt stop the blush that appeared on his face.

"Th-then I like you so much Yao"(Male Name) stuttered, and Yao can't help but too hug (Male Name) and smile.

"I like you too (Nicknama) aru~ I've been waiting for you to say that!"Yao grinned, a happy smile on his lips. And (Male Name) blushed, if possible more redder, and nuzzled his nose on his new Boyfriend's neck, hugging him back.

Extended Ending

"Ohonhonhonhon! I don't know you can be that Sly Yao!"France laughed, and England hit him in the head.

"Shut up you bloody frog! You're ruining their moment!"England raged.

"I ship it"Japan whispered quietly on the side, blood dripping on his nose.

"Veeeeeeeee! Pastaa! Ludwig, let's get pasta!!"Italy shouted at his German friend who only sighed in return.

Pishipishipishi!! In the end. It was just like any other meeting.


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