A Dream Lost

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Hey Everyone! It's Amy here, I know I havn't really uploaded often, but this new story is almost done. I was just writing it for fun first, but now I've decided to upload on here. So, this story will be updated often, I promise! If I get good feed back on this, then I will continue to upload, but if I see that not alot of people are liking it, then I may just take it down We'll see. 

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“Payson!” “Pay!” “Sweetie!”

The shouts were faint but I could here them. I didn’t know what happened. I remember getting ready to do my dismount off the beam, then feeling very weak all of sudden and falling off. My eyes slowly but surely flutter open, and I see my team, coach and parents huddling around me. I was lying on a stretcher. I tried to speak, but only a hoarse sound came out of my mouth. I saw paramedics poking a needle in my arm. After that, I blacked out again.

My name is Payson Santana. I’m 16 years old, and a junior in high school. I do online schooling due to gymnastics though. Without gymnastics, I don’t know what would happen.  Gymnastics is such a huge part of my life. I started gymnastics at age 3, since then I’ve passed up to level 10 and now an elite gymnast. Last year, my family packed up, sold the house and we moved to Los Angelus California. This was hard for my family because we lived in the same place for 21 years, in Illinois. We moved for one reason. Me. I was going to the trials for the national team. Thankfully I made it.



I hear my alarm clock going off. I flip over and see its 8 am, I had to be at the gym by 9. I jump out of bed, and walk to the bathroom.  I was my face, apply a thin line of black eyeliner to my upper lash line, and brush on a few coats of mascara. I put on my vanilla EOS lip balm. I grab a hair tie and a bunch of bobby pins and my hairbrush. I flip my long, strawberry blonde hair over and brush it in to a high a ponytail. I clip my bangs back, and bobby pin any fly a ways down. I grab my hairspray and do 3 quick spritzes. I skip back to my bedroom, and pick out my favorite leotard. It was a purple, white and lavender tank leo with many gems. I slip on my spandex shorts and grab a hoodie. I get my national team member gym bag and pack my water bottle, phone, grips, an ankle wrap, hair brush, extra bobby pins, lip balm and stuff it into my bag. I swing the bag over my shoulder and grab my car keys. I was running late, so I grabbed an apple to eat on the way to the gym.

“Bye Mom!”

“Bye Sabrina!”

 I shout to my sister and mom as I run out the door to my car. I turn on the radio and listen to music on the way. I pull up the gym and lock my car; I walk through the glass doors and toward the main room. I see my friends already there stretching. I throw my bag on the floor next to the other 9 identical bags. I jog over to my team and start stretching with them.

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