44 | Blessings From the Devil

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It was late May before the ache in my chest began to fade

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It was late May before the ache in my chest began to fade.

In the grand scheme of things, five weeks was not an extraordinarily long period of time, but it felt more like a century. Every day was a challenge, a fight to ignore and move past the hurt, but I'd never anticipated how hard it was going to be to simply carry on.

Still, despite everything I felt, I never once questioned my decision to end things with Sebastian.

It was clear as day that breaking up had been our only option. A relationship without trust was impossible to maintain, as was a relationship without honesty. He had kept things from me under the guise of not wanting to worry me, but that couldn't change the fact that they were still untruths.

But it wasn't the dishonesty that killed me, or even the fact he slept with Blair. It was the fact that he hadn't fought for us to stay together that hurt the most.

"Come on, Skeletor, eat something before I end up having to force feed you."

I glanced up at Jude's comment, too caught up in my own thoughts to remember where we were.

Trinity's cafeteria seemed almost like a foreign land now that I had abandoned Sebastian and his friends. After that drama filled weekend, I hadn't bothered looking at their table, because I knew I wouldn't have been welcome there anyway. Instead I had plopped down at a random table on the opposite side of the room, with no intentions of ever going back.

Luckily, it was easy to steer clear of Sebastian, since it seemed like he was actively avoiding me as well. His friends, however, were a different story. Michael had tried numerous times to get us to talk, and even Jacob and Marcus had made valiant attempts to push us back together, but it was all useless.

Sebastian and I were done. Finished. Over. And nothing was going to change that.

"Did you not hear me?" Jude tried again, flicking my ear for emphasis. "Talia, come on."

Although I had pulled away from that secluded little world of theirs and rejoined the general population of Trinity, I hadn't been able to escape Jude. My trusty best friend had refused to abandon me, no matter how hard I tried to push him back to the group of popular kids where he belonged. Whether the fact he was sticking with me was for better or worse, I had yet to decide.

"I heard you," I sighed, letting my fork clatter against my tray. All I had been doing for the past ten minutes was push around the wilted lettuce leaves anyway. "And if you even think about trying that, I'll shove my fork so far up your nose that when you try to pull it out, part of your brain will come with it."

Jude rolled his eyes. "I wouldn't put it past you. Now come on, would you at least take a bite of something?"

I nudged my tray away, knowing the salad, the orange, and even the apple pie sitting on it weren't going to be eaten. "I'm not hungry."

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