Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 10, Second time lucky.

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Yuki slowly blinked as she returned to reality. Her vision was blurred at first, but she could soon make out where she was. A hospital? Yuki put a hand up to her head, but got restricted by all of the tubes clinging to her. Why am i here? Yuki went to sit up, but suddenly got stopped by something. It was an arm, Kaname's arm. Yuki looked to Kaname. "Why am i here? What.." Kaname covered Yuki's moth before she could finish. "Yuki, go back to sleep, you need all the rest you can get." Yuki shook her head in confusion. "Why can't i remember what happened Kaname? Why am i here?" Kaname brang his arm back down and took his seat. "Just before the wedding, Rima told me you started having your headache again, but she told me you looked much worse than the first time." Suddenly, everything came back to Yuki. It was like Kaname's words sparked something in her that brang the memories flowing back. "I remember! The wedding, Chiyo, Rima Ruka, The headmaster..." Yuki's eyes widened. "Where's the headmaster, he would be so worried about me!" At that moment, the doctor walked in looking at a sheet on his clipboard. "Miss Yuki Kuran?" Yuki's eyes darted to the doctor. "Im Dr John Wellingburn, you seem to have suffered quite a lot of pain." The doctor walked over to the side of Yuki's bed. "Do you remember what happened?" Yuki stared straight ahead at a vase of flowers that she'd only just noticed. "I remember, it was just before my wedding when i suffered my first headache. Then when i was in a dressing room when it happened again, only much more painful and..." Yuki's voice froze. She spoke, but no words came out. "And what?" A tear started to roll down Yuki's cheek. The doctor saw this and changed the subject. "Well, we can explain why you felt i'll, that was because of the large amount of anxioty. But we cannot explain why you suffered such bad headaches at this stage." Kaname thanked the doctor, who excused himself. "Yuki, what else happened after your second headache?" Yuki looked at Kaname with tears streaming down her face. Kaname put his arms around Yuki, trying to dodge the tubes. "A voice talked to me." Kaname let go of Yuki and looked her in the eyes. "What did this voice say to you?" Yuki's eyes trailed to the railing on her bed. "It only spoke my name, nothing more." Yuki started to feel dizzy. She put a hand on her head and the other on the railing to steady herself. "Get some rest, Yuki." Yuki smiled at Kaname and put her head back on to the pillow. Kaname settled back into his seat, deep in thought.

Chiyo arrived back at Cross academy shortly after Yuki's sudden exit. She was to meet with Maria in the hidden room where Maria was being kept. Chiyo entered the empty office and knocked on the discuised door. "Come in Chiyo." A faint voice from inside the room called out. Chiyo entered to see Maria smiling evily. "So, did everything go to plan?" Chiyo smiled back. "Yes, My mind control even made Yuki faint!" Maria laughed. "Well, im not sure how Zero's doing. I went to see him, but i stopped at his door and thought it was best if i'd waited for you." Chiyo walked over to Maria and gave her a hug. "Your so kind! I missed being away from you! But im afraid that we cant be seen too often, seing as though we are twins." Chiyo's smile faded. "So i cant be with you as much as i want to." A tear slowly floated down Chiyo's cheek. Maria brushed it away with her hand. "It's fine, as long as you stay here, i promise i will find a way to be with you forever. I was so alone all those years, without anyone. So just a glimps of your presence is enough for now." A tear now started to float down Maria's cheek aswell. "Maria, you do know that mum and dad really did love us? That they wished they could be here today with you and me. But it was the only way for us to survive!" Maria pulled Chiyo into a hug. "I know, just please Chiyo, never leave me! I would feel so alone in the world without my twin with me!" Chiyo put her arms around Maria. "Don't worry, i will never leave you, Maria!" Maria started full on crying. Her tears reminded Chiyo of all those years whithout Maria, and at the thought, Chiyo started to cry aswell. A few minutes passed and the two girls stopped and dryed there eyes. "I feel much better now that i'v let all of that emotion out." Chiyo smiled. "I feel much better aswell. I suppose we should pay Zero a visit to see how he is doing." Maria nodded and went to open the door for Chiyo. "You dont have to act like your my servant Maria." Chiyo laughed as she walked out the door, closely followed by Maria.

Zero sat in his room staring at the blank, white roof. There was a sudden knock at the door. "Who's here at this time of knight?" No answer. Zero stood up and walked over to the door. "I said..." He puled open the door to see Maria and Chiyo standing there. "Zero, how are you?" Zero stood staring at the two of them, then he glanced at the floor. "Fine, i guess." Zero stood aside and let the two girls into the small room. "Are you ok with everything thats happened, Zero?" Zero closed the door and turned to both of them. "Yeah, im just shocked, thats all." Chiyo stood up and walked over to Zero. "We can explain everything, if you want?" Zero took a seat infront of them, but looked at the ground. "Our mother and father where vampires aswell. Mother was an original, whereas father was a pureblood. It was forbidden though to marry an original if you were a pureblood. One night, the other purebloods found out, and came for mother and father. We sat in our room when our mother, Shisaichi came in. She was injured. She had taken a hit to her chest, and as you know, when an original is hit in the heart, they start to fade away fast. Mother told me andChiyo that her and father loved us very much, and that they had to do something to save us, that we would most likely hate them for. Mother first made Chiyo drink her blood, then she casted a spell on me, keeping me young. In her last seconds, mother told us our fates. Chiyo was to become an original, and i was to stay young and wait for her untill she came back for me. We didn't understand what she did it for, but before we could say a word, mother..." Chiyo burried her face in her hands. Chiyo continued for her. "Mother shattered to pieces before our very eyes." Zero look up at the weeping Maria. Chiyo put an arm around her. "Father was killed by Purebloods. When i rushed down the stairs to find father, he was allready gone. All that was left was a room filled with blood, his clothes and...." Chiyo looked up at Zero. "And the Kuran Purebloods." Zero's eyes widened. "Kanames parents, they killed Shisaichi and Damon, your parents?" Chiyo faintly nodded. "Thats why i have wanted to gain revenge on them for so long! Then Shizuka came into the picture. I thought all my plans were ruiened, untill i found out about you. I was determened to find you!" Chiyo stood up and help Maria out the door. "I'll take Maria back to her room to rest, then, i will come back and answer any questions you may have for me." Chiyo then disappeared.

Chiyo came back a few hours later. "Maria's asleep, she was very destraught, but i managed to mind controll her into resting for a while." Zero stood up. "You can used mind control on Maria? But i thought.." Chiyo inturupted. "Yes, Maria does have the power of mind control. But because i had this power a long time before her, i can use it on her." She came and sat on Zero's bed. "I will answer any questions you have for me, then, we must plan out what we are going to do about Yuki and Kaname. Zero took a seat next to Chiyo. "Why was it forbidden for an original to mary a Pureblood?" Chiyo stared at the floor infront of her. "Because Originals and Purebloods are enemies, they have been up to this day." Chiyo sat still for a few seconds thenspoke again. "No one knows what i am. They believe that the Original liniage dies when mother died." A tear fell down Chiyo's cheek. "Thats why we must take down Yuki and Kaname by surprise. We only have one more day at the maximum to practice. Maria has agreed to pose as me and go persuiade Yuki to come. She had her mind control powers if she needs it." Zero's expression turned confused. "The books said that Purebloods aren't effected by mind controll?" Chiyo looked at Zero. "Yes, thats true. We can't controll them to do what we ask, but we can minnipulate them untill they give in." Chiyo's eyes went back to the floor."Thats all i have to ask. I don't need to know anymore to be assured that im in on this." Chiyo smiled. "Thank-you Zero. I was affraid that you wouldn't cooperate at first, but i want you to know that i would never use mind control on you unless it is completely necessary, like when i needed you to drink my blood." Zero stood up. "If we are going to take down Yuki and Kaname, then i guess we'd better practice!" Chiyo sood up also. "Are you sure?" Zero came closer to Chiyo and hugged her, connecting the signs once again. "But, the pain! I didnt..." Zero interupted. "Im so angry knowing that your family suffered the same fate as mine. Pain can't hold me back!" Chiyo smiled. He is ready, soon, it will be time.

(Stay tunned for Episode 11, Soon, it will be time.)

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